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The purpose of this webpage is to provide members with information and convenient links to other recources supporting the international affairs and activities of the AAPM. Non-member may use the International Link on the AAPM homepage




Raymond K. Wu - Chairman;  Eugene Lief - Vice-Chair

 The objectives of the International Affairs Committee are: 

  • Encourage AAPM members to participate in international activities
  • Provide opportunities for international collaboration in the field of medical physics
  • Extend AAPM activities and resources to medical physicists around the world 
  • Contribute to the development of the medical physics profession and individual medical physicists in developing countries.

This mission is carried out through a variety of programs and liaisons as indicated below.  For additional information or contacts, please follow the links below. 


Partners in Physics Program

Charles Shang, Curator  

The Partner-in-Physics (PIP) program of AAPM provides a special AAPM affiliation with financial support and professional contacts to medical physicists residing in developing countries. Over 100 members are currently sponsored by the Program, thanks to its sponsoring partners – individual AAPM members, local chapters, regional subcommittees, and other affiliated organizations. To apply to be a PIP please use the application form for International Affiliates, and specify that you need financial assistance. To know more please visit the PIP pageClick here to see the latest list.

International Scientific Exchange - The program is administered by the International Educational Activities Committee 

Doracy Fontenla, - Co-Chair

Mahadevappa Mahesh, - Co-Chair 

This program provides scientific and educational exchange with medical physicists in the developing countries through courses and workshops. 

Exchange Scientist Program 

Milton Woo,  Coordinator

This is a program within the AAPM organization with the objective to promote the exchange of scientific information for the advancement of the medical physics field at the international level.  This program provides a structure whereby qualified AAPM members may serve as Exchange Scientists in other parts of the world.  The structure provides flexibility for short informal visits to extensive projects.  Click here for more details.

Publications for Developing Countries - AAPM Library Program

D. Allan Wilkinson , Curator 

The library program is a joint venture of the AAPM and the IOMP.  It coordinates journal and book donations intended for medical physicists in the developing world by establishing and maintaining libraries under local management.  We currently have 75 active libraries in 43 countries.  Click here to see the list.  Active status is maintained by returning an update questionnaire every 2 years.   If you have questions about the program, please contact




AAPM has an extensive network of liaisons with medical physics activities in most of the countries of the world.  These are organized through the following regional sub-committees: 

African Affairs     Paul Gueye, Chair; David Carlson, Vice-Chair 
Asian Oceanic Affairs     Cheng B. Saw, Chair;  Charles Shang, Vice-Chair 

European Affairs     Eugene Lief, Chair; Joanna E. Cygler, Co-Chair; George Kagadis, Vice-Chair

Latin America Affairs   Doracy Fontenla, Chair

Middle East Affairs     Moyed Miften, Chair


Azam Niroomand-Rad

Perry Sprawls

Colin Orton

Caridad Borras


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International Affairs Committee Information


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