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This Policy is No Longer Active.
Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 19-C Privacy and Security 11/27/2004 12/28/2009
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Policy source
November 11, 2004 EXCOM Meeting Minutes
Policy text
The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) respects the privacy of its members. It is AAPM's intent to offer as much control as possible over an individual's personal information.

AAPM Online

At AAPM Online (www.aapm.org) you may visit most areas without revealing any information about yourself. However, AAPM Online does contain "Member Only" areas that require a username and password for authentication.

AAPM Online publishes an online interactive version of the AAPM Membership Directory. This is a password protected area for use by staff, members and others as authorized by the Executive Director.

AAPM Members may restrict the publication of their personal information in the AAPM Membership Directory by request to the AAPM.

AAPM Online tracks the domain its visitors are coming from to monitor trends. After this information is analyzed it is discarded.

AAPM Online contains links to other Web sites. AAPM is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these Web sites.

Several areas of AAPM Online utilize a technology called "cookies" that may be used to keep track of a visitor's progress through a series of web pages. No personal information will ever be stored in a "cookie".

AAPM Online accepts online credit card payments. All transfers of credit card information are handled by a secure server using up to 128-bit encryption.

Mailing Lists

AAPM does not sell email addresses.

AAPM does sell postal mailing lists to Corporate Affiliates, Non-Profit Organizations, and Commercial Organizations. AAPM Corporate Affiliates with a "Corporate Affiliate I" membership receive two free mailing lists per year as a benefit of membership. AAPM reviews the mailing to be sent, limits use of the list to one time per request, and requires that the list and media be destroyed after its specified use.

AAPM Members may request to be excluded from commercial postal mailings by request to the AAPM.

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) sells AAPM Member postal information as part of the Physics Today database without a member's consent.

AAPM Members may request to be excluded from commercial postal mailings through AIP by request to the AIP Customer Service.
Policy version history
Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date Active?
AP 19-A Privacy and Security 7/1/1999 2/25/2001 Inactive
AP 19-B Privacy and Security 2/26/2001 11/26/2004 Inactive
AP 19-C Privacy and Security 11/27/2004 12/28/2009 Inactive
AP 19-D Privacy and Security 12/29/2009 7/17/2018 Inactive
AP 19-E Privacy and Security 7/18/2018 7/11/2019 Inactive
AP 19-F Privacy and Security 7/12/2019 12/31/2024 Inactive
AP 19-G Privacy and Security 11/8/2019 12/31/2024 Active

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