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Data Acquisition Methods and Radionuclide Dose Estimation Working Group

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ChargeThe working group is charged to cover all aspects of data acquisition methods and radiation dose estimates for determining the radiation dose to individual patients from injections of radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and therapy. Specifically, the working group would •work on data methodology as a special feature. This important topic includes methods on how to acquire gamma camera planar and SPECT data and then to determine organ uptake as a percent injected dose. •work on modeling of radiopharmaceutical kinetics to determine diagnostic dose estimates. •include radiation dose estimates from radionuclides used in radioimmunotherapy, thyroid therapy, MIBG therapy, and bone metastasis therapies. Upon approval of the Nuclear Medicine committee and Science Council, the working group would form task groups to address specific topics.
Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 11/27/2005
End: n/a
Committee Keywords: DARDE
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Data Acquisition Methods and Radionuclide Dose Estimation Working Group  [Status]
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