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Task Group No. 100 Method for Evaluating QA Needs in Radiation Therapy

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Specific charges of this task group are defined below. The final report may include additional material deemed necessary during the preparation of the final report.

1. Review and critique the existing guidance from the AAPM in documents such as TG-40, 56, 59, 43 old and new, 60, 64, and guidance from ACR and ACMP reports on QA in Radiation Oncology, ESTRO report on QA in radiotherapy, IEC publications on functional performance of radiotherapy equipment, and finally ISO guidelines on quality management and quality assurance. The objective will be to determine the specific areas that have been omitted and need better coverage and also develop a suitable general quality assurance program.

2. Identify a structured systematic QA program approach that balances patient safety and quality versus resources commonly available and strike a good balance between prescriptiveness and flexibility.

3. After the identification of the hazard analysis for broad c

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Approved Date(s)Start: 8/1/2003
End: 12/31/2014
Committee Keywords: TG100
Most recent status update:Since the last update the TG had six conference calls and one face to face meeting at the Houston AAPM meeting. The TG has completed the FMEA analysis for the IMRT process using a consensus set of values for O, S and D. A manuscript has been written describing the method used to analyze the data and the results. A reviewable draft of this manuscript will be submitted to the parent SC at the 2008 ASTRO meeting. The next step for the TG is to perform a fault tree analysis from this FMEA. The TG members are also working on FMEA analysis for HDR brachytherapy. - [9/20/2008 by M. Saiful Huq] Click to update.

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