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Task Group No. 150 Acceptance Testing and Quality Control of Digital Radiographic Imaging Systems

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This group will outline a set of tests to be used in the Acceptance Testing and Quality Control of Digital Radiographic Imaging Systems.

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Approved Date(s)Start: 2/22/2007
End: 12/31/2014
Committee Keywords: TG150
Most recent status update:Summary: We continue to make progress in several areas. The greatest activity has been in the detector subgroup. A document proposing a constellation of generic tests of the image receptor has been written and distributed to the TG. Software has been developed to automatically analyse test images. TG members have been providing image sets from systems of different manufacture to determine the practical value and limitations of the tests. A list of specific makes and models of DR systems available to TG members is being compiled. Intend to resubmit a second version of the vendor survey through MITA. We are trying to compile a written first draft of a TG report in time for distribution to the TG at our RSNA meeting. Do not expect a published report before AAPM meeting in 2013. Also expect to recommend creating a working group on this topic. - [10/13/2011 by Charles Willis] Click to update.
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David Gauntt
Task Group Co-Chair

Nicole Ranger
Task Group Co-Chair

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Peter Dowe

6/29/2016  Liaison (nonvoting)
Ulrich Neitzel, PhD

6/29/2016  Guest (nonvoting)
Guillermo Sander

7/7/2016  Liaison - Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA (nonvoting)

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