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Task Group No. 161 Research Software for Cone-Beam CT Reconstruction

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To develop and make available via the AAPM a software resource for research purposes on the topic of 3D filtered backprojection for x-ray cone-beam CT. The software will include executable and open source code for 3D reconstruction based on the well-known Feldkamp algorithm and should accommodate a broad range of input image data formats, geometric non-ideality, reconstruction filters, and reconstruction formats.

Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 8/22/2007
End: 12/31/2014
Committee Keywords: TG161
Most recent status update:TG 161 – OSCaR Meeting Notes, Anaheim CA 2009-07-26 JH Siewerdsen, Johns Hopkins University Wenzheng Feng, NYP-Columbia Medical Center Xiangyang Tang, Emory University Rebecca Fahrig, Stanford University John Boone, UC Davis 10am – Meeting called to order. The TG has met the established objectives and moves for subcommittee approval and release. Demo of the OSCaR GUI We would like to freeze the GUI and code. OSCaR Documentation and “TG Report” The TG Report will be circulated to all TG members for comments and ratification. All TG Members should be added as co-authors. A COMPLETE example should be added, walking the user through a complete example of Pre-Processing, Reconstruction for one of the example data sets. Following TG ratification of the report, it will be forwarded to the RESEARCH Committee for approval. Want to publish the TG Report in two forms: - Full documentation for download with the actual software - A 3-page Technical Note in MedPhys summarizing the report and directing readers to the download How to PUBLISH the code ONLINE via aapm.org? This will proceed following identification of license / liability requirements. Need a license agreement – NOT FOR CLINICAL USE – and protection / indemnity for the AAPM and the individuals contributing to this code. Fahrig has requested EMCC to publish this work through the aapm website along with a license, protection from liability. Fahrig collected various open-source license agreements as a template for this and future software projects. The approach here is exactly the same as other TG Reports, which contain recommendations along with protection from liability. Submitted EMCC, July 25, 2009. The GUI and m-files may require revision to include the liability indemnification language explicitly ON THE GUI and WITHIN EACH M-FILE. How to SUPPORT and DEVELOP the code in the longer term via the AAPM? We will address the Support issue following approval regarding publication, liability, etc. 11:00 am – Meeting adjourned. - [7/26/2009 by Jeffrey Siewerdsen] Click to update.
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