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Task Group No. 218 - Tolerance Levels and Methodologies for IMRT Verification QA

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To review literature and reports containing data on the achieved agreement between measurements and calculations for fixed-gantry IMRT, Tomotherapy, and VMAT techniques. To review measurement methods commonly employed, composite of all beams-actual parameters, composite perpendicular, and beam-by-beam perpendicular. Discuss pros and cons of each. To review single-point (small-averaged volume), 1D and 2D analysis methodologies for absolute dose verification with ion-chamber and the more complex 2D detector arrays, mainly performed with dose differences comparison, distance-to-agreement (DTA) comparison between measured and calculated dose distributions, and a combination of these two metrics (gamma method). To investigate the dose-difference/DTA and gamma verification metrics, their use and vendor-implementation variability, including the choice of various parameters (normalization method, choice of dose thresholding, points shift) used to perform the analysis.

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Approved Date(s)Start: 5/10/2011
End: 12/31/2015
Committee Keywords: TG218
Most recent status update:Final revised draft report has been completed. Draft accounted for the WG and SC review comments and is currently being reviewed by the lead SC reviewer. Next step is the review by TPC. - [7/20/2015 by Moyed Miften] Click to update.

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