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Task Group No. 221 - AAPM Recommendations for Ocular Brachytherapy

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• Define a generalized commissioning process for eye plaque brachytherapy programs. • Comment on the implementation of TG-129 dosimetry recommendations for non-COMS plaques. • Specify quality management practice standards for ocular brachytherapy. • Set clinical practice standards for ocular brachytherapy.

Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 9/16/2011
End: 12/31/2016
Committee Keywords: TG221
Most recent status update:TG-221 has been positively reviewed by a committee representing the WG-BCA and the BTSC. Final approval of the report by BTSC will soon be sought to advance the report to the TPC. Prior to this step, the ESTRO ACROP committee has been reviewing the draft to determine if ESTRO or GEC-ESTRO will formally "endorse" the report. It was determined by ESTRO that the report would not be a "joint" report; however, we are hoping to have the "endorsement" of GEC-ESTRO (or ESTRO). Some minor changes are being made to address the interests and concerns of the ESTRO ACROP committee. We also intend to submit the report for scientific editing, most likely after TPC review. - [7/28/2016 by Christopher Melhus] Click to update.

Christopher Melhus
Task Group Co-Chair

Rowan Thomson
Task Group Co-Chair

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