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Task Group No. 222 - AAPM Recommendations for Intraoperative Mesh Brachytherapy

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1. Review the steps in the procedure (educational) 2. Describe the treatment planning and dosimetric aspects of the procedures (educational) 3. Recommend dosimeteric parameters useful for evaluating and specifying the treatments (recommendations) 4. Recommendations for quality management unique to the procedures (recommendations) 5. Recommend a definition for medical events involving these procedures (recommendations)

Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 9/16/2011
End: 12/31/2017
Committee Keywords: brachymesh, TG222
Most recent status update:The extension to 12/31/2017 was approved and notified by Larry DeWerd, website update is pending. Vote to add new member, Robert Hearn, was approved; he is from theragenics, one of the two largest vendors of the lung mesh. Adding another new member, Dale Boyce, is under process; he is from isoray, another one of the two largest vendors of the lung mesh. We had face-to-face meeting at AAPM 2015, also we had monthly teleconference on the following date, 04/01, 05/20, 06/24, 07/17, 08/19, 09/25, 10/29/2015. Recommendation from WGBCA is to change charge to include other sites like Head and Neck, Breast, Brain, etc; after lengthy discussion, Task Group concluded to keep the original charge and add a paragraph to describe the difference between lung and other sites. First draft is ~50% complete now, and is planned to finish in earlier 2016; revision will continue till end of 2016. At this point, we are still on target for project completion date of 12/2017. - [12/4/2015 by Wenzheng Feng] Click to update.

Wenzheng Feng
Task Group Chair

Hualin Zhang
Task Group Co-Chair

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