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Task Group No. 224 - Proton Machine QA

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The main object of the TG-224 will be to develop uniform and comprehensive QA procedures for proton readiotherapy machines.  The TG-224 will consider various technologies and design characteristics, which are implemented by the different manufacturers.  The TG will recommend the tolerances and range of the parameters that are directly influencing the precision of treatment beam delivery.

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Approved Date(s)Start: 1/17/2012
End: n/a
Committee Keywords: Proton Machine QA, Proton Therapy, Quality Assurance, Task Group, TG224
Most recent status update:The report was reviewed by members of WGBP and some other reviewers (total 8 reviewers) last year. After it was accepted by WGBP, it was submitted to TDSC on December 2014. We received feedbacks and comments from TDSC (total 7 reviewers) on January 2015. The new version with recommended changes and responses to reviewers was sent back to TDCS on April 2015. The report and the responses to the comments are currently being reviewed by the TDSC. Bijan Arjomandy 5-20-2015 - [5/20/2015 by Bijan Arjomandy] Click to update.

Bijan Arjomandy
Task Group Chair

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