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Task Group No. 233 - Performance Evaluation of Computed Tomography Systems

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ChargeThis task group will aim to supplement and compliment TG 74, updating some of the testing methods and devising new ones applicable to modern CT systems. Some of the topics to be addressed include the following: (1) Advanced image quality assessment techniques including task-based metrology. (2) Performance evaluation of iterative reconstruction techniques. (3) Performance and effectiveness of automatic tube current modulation techniques.
Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 8/20/2012
End: 12/31/2014
Committee Keywords: TG233
Most recent status update:April 15, 2013 Since it was formed in August 2012, TG 233 has had two conference calls and one in-person meeting at RSNA. Its membership has grown from seven to ten with three new members joining in from three major CT manufacturers. In November 2012, TG 233 decided on the scope and the structure of its task group report, which will consist of four parts: (A) visual inspection and QC program review, (B) basic system performance (inherent performance under reference conditions), (C) operational system performance (dependence of sharpness, noise, HU, artifact, and dose on acquisition parameters, reconstruction parameters, and patient size), and (D) vender-specific performance (performance of the components that are unique to specific vendors). The main focus of the task group is Part C, developing methods to assess image quality for iterative reconstruction algorithms. As of February 2013, the task group has completed a first draft for Parts A and B and made two proposals for Part C, one proposal for resolution measurement and one proposal for noise measurement. By May 2013, the task group will be completing: (1) a second draft for Parts A and B, (2) phase one evaluation of the two proposals, (3) a proposal for evaluating automatic exposure control (AEC) systems. - [4/19/2013 by Xiang Li] Click to update.
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Ehsan Samei
Task Group Chair

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