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AAPM Report #55

Report #55 contains data to assist verification of the accuracy of external photon beam treatment planning dose computation. The package includes measured treatment planning system input data describing the beam characteristics of a 4 MV and an 18 MV treatment unit along with measured data for a series of treatment planning test cases. The user of the verification package may enter the beam data as if the two treatment machines exist within the department and run the test cases as treatment plans. Computed dose is then compared with measured test case data for confirmation of dosimetry accuracy. Test cases include open square and rectangular fields, wedge filters, treatment distance variation, central block, irregular field off-axis plane, lung and bone inhomogeneities, and oblique incidence.

Standard treatment unit beam data are provided as depth dose and off-axis beam profiles. These data are presented as full-size graphic plots, printed tables and are available on electronic media (2 disks, ASCII format). Measured test case results are provided as a set of dosimetry comparison work sheets and as full-size isodose plots. In order to provide a means for verifying monitor unit computation, all test case data are normalized to the treatment unit calibration condition.

-- The 2 disks in ASCII format that are included with this report can be downloaded here. (Self-Extracting .exe)