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43rd Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
July 22-26, 2001 Salt Lake City, Utah

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Adler, Jr., J WE-CC-EXH C-35
Alexander, D SU-HH-EXH C-13
Angers, C WE-CC-EXH C-21
Avadhani, J WE-CC-EXH C-2 , WE-CC-EXH C-5
Ayyangar, K WE-CC-EXH C-14
Babic, S WE-CC-EXH C-34
Bachtell, R SU-HH-EXH C-1
Bäck, S WE-CC-EXH C-25
Baldock, C WE-CC-EXH C-25
Beatty, J WE-CC-EXH C-11
Beck, J WE-CC-EXH C-7
Belden, C SU-HH-EXH C-17
Berman, C SU-HH-EXH C-13
Bhadrasain, V WE-CC-EXH C-2
Bieda, M WE-CC-EXH C-12
Blosser, E WE-CC-EXH C-26
Boccuzzi, D WE-CC-EXH C-8
Bonan, R WE-CC-EXH C-21
Bourland, J SU-HH-EXH C-26
Boyer, A WE-CC-EXH C-33
Braunstein, D SU-HH-EXH C-3
Brezovich, I WE-CC-EXH C-36
Chakraborty, D SU-HH-EXH C-23
Chen, B SU-HH-EXH C-11
Chen, G WE-CC-EXH C-11
Chen, J WE-CC-EXH C-24
Chen, Z WE-CC-EXH C-20
Chenery, S WE-CC-EXH C-35
Cho, J WE-CC-EXH C-17
Choi, B WE-CC-EXH C-32
Choi, I WE-CC-EXH C-32
Chow, J WE-CC-EXH C-24
Chu, J WE-CC-EXH C-12
Chu, W WE-CC-EXH C-6
Clarke, G SU-HH-EXH C-17
Colbert, C SU-HH-EXH C-1
Conover, D SU-HH-EXH C-11
Cullinan, J SU-HH-EXH C-11
Cygler, J WE-CC-EXH C-21
Damen, E WE-CC-EXH C-17
DeLaney, T WE-CC-EXH C-11
Deore, S WE-CC-EXH C-2 , WE-CC-EXH C-5
Desrosiers, C WE-CC-EXH C-22
DesRosiers, P WE-CC-EXH C-22
DeWerd, L WE-CC-EXH C-3
Diehl, T SU-HH-EXH C-25
Donnelly, E SU-HH-EXH C-9
Dryden, M SU-HH-EXH C-14
Duan, J WE-CC-EXH C-36
Durkee, III, R SU-HH-EXH C-28
Eapen, L WE-CC-EXH C-21
El Fakhri, G SU-HH-EXH C-22
Elkamhawi, A SU-HH-EXH C-19
Enke, C WE-CC-EXH C-14
Farr, J WE-CC-EXH C-26
Felmlee, J SU-HH-EXH C-16
Forman, J WE-CC-EXH C-26
Frank, G SU-HH-EXH C-25
Galkin, B SU-HH-EXH C-10
Gardner, M SU-HH-EXH C-13
Garg, M WE-CC-EXH C-5 , WE-CC-EXH C-2
Gasiecki, S WE-CC-EXH C-8
Gibbs, I WE-CC-EXH C-35
Glasgow, G WE-CC-EXH C-30
Goodman, P SU-HH-EXH C-6
Grimm, R SU-HH-EXH C-16
Guerrero, T WE-CC-EXH C-35
Hai, J WE-CC-EXH C-33
Hangartner, T SU-HH-EXH C-4
Harshbarger, J SU-HH-EXH C-24
Harte, K WE-CC-EXH C-9
He, T WE-CC-EXH C-23
Hersh, M SU-HH-EXH C-13
Higgins, P WE-CC-EXH C-19
Hill, R WE-CC-EXH C-16
Ho, A WE-CC-EXH C-33
Hooper, L SU-HH-EXH C-13
Hornicek, F WE-CC-EXH C-11
Horste, T WE-CC-EXH C-26
Huang, S WE-CC-EXH C-6
Hurkmans, C WE-CC-EXH C-17
Illan, C SU-HH-EXH C-21
Intenzo, C SU-HH-EXH C-19
Jaffray, D WE-CC-EXH C-37
John Schreiner, L WE-CC-EXH C-31
Johnston, D SU-HH-EXH C-14
Joshi, C WE-CC-EXH C-31
Kallergi, M SU-HH-EXH C-13
Kang, Y WE-CC-EXH C-32
Karellas, A SU-HH-EXH C-7
Keane, J WE-CC-EXH C-2
Kerr, A WE-CC-EXH C-34 , WE-CC-EXH C-31
Kim, I WE-CC-EXH C-32
Kim, J SU-HH-EXH C-13
Kim, Y WE-CC-EXH C-4
Kirov, A WE-CC-EXH C-10
Krugh, K SU-HH-EXH C-14
Kuan, H SU-HH-EXH C-8
Kung, J WE-CC-EXH C-11
Labinaz, M WE-CC-EXH C-21
Lam, W WE-CC-EXH C-12
Lambert, M WE-CC-EXH C-3
Lane, M SU-HH-EXH C-17
Lawson, W SU-HH-EXH C-8
Lee, P WE-CC-EXH C-27
Lemacks, M SU-HH-EXH C-14
Lepage, M WE-CC-EXH C-25
Lewis, J WE-CC-EXH C-7
Liu, X SU-HH-EXH C-14 , SU-HH-EXH C-15
Lo, A WE-CC-EXH C-33
Luxton, G WE-CC-EXH C-33
Ma, C WE-CC-EXH C-35
Madsen, E SU-HH-EXH C-25
Maidment, A SU-HH-EXH C-10
Malhotra, H WE-CC-EXH C-2 , WE-CC-EXH C-5
Malhotra, P SU-HH-EXH C-13
Marquis, J WE-CC-EXH C-21
Martin, D WE-CC-EXH C-35
Mauceri, T WE-CC-EXH C-11
Maughan, R WE-CC-EXH C-26
McCurdy, B WE-CC-EXH C-7
McHugh, L SU-HH-EXH C-11
McKetty, M SU-HH-EXH C-27
Michael, G WE-CC-EXH C-25
Micka, J WE-CC-EXH C-3
Mijnheer, B WE-CC-EXH C-17
Mohan, R WE-CC-EXH C-15
Morgan, H SU-HH-EXH C-3
Moskvin, V WE-CC-EXH C-22
Mueller, R SU-HH-EXH C-2
Mumper, J WE-CC-EXH C-12
Munro, J WE-CC-EXH C-11
Natarajan, V SU-HH-EXH C-2
Nath, R WE-CC-EXH C-20
Nikolic, M WE-CC-EXH C-19
Ning, R SU-HH-EXH C-11
Oldham, M WE-CC-EXH C-37
Papiez, L WE-CC-EXH C-22
Park, S WE-CC-EXH C-32
Perelman-Hall, D SU-HH-EXH C-1
Persons, T SU-HH-EXH C-26
Piao, Z WE-CC-EXH C-10
Pickens, D SU-HH-EXH C-9
Pistorius, S WE-CC-EXH C-7
Podgorsak, M WE-CC-EXH C-8
Pongnapang, N SU-HH-EXH C-17
Popple, R WE-CC-EXH C-36
Price, D SU-HH-EXH C-2
Price, R SU-HH-EXH C-9
Rajagopalan, B SU-HH-EXH C-18
Rao, R SU-HH-EXH C-2
Reiman, R SU-HH-EXH C-5 , SU-HH-EXH C-6
Roach, D SU-HH-EXH C-27
Robinson, A SU-HH-EXH C-11
Romesberg, M WE-CC-EXH C-16
Rong, J SU-HH-EXH C-14
Rong, X SU-HH-EXH C-15
Rowbottom, C WE-CC-EXH C-37
Rubal, B SU-HH-EXH C-17
Rydberg, J SU-HH-EXH C-16
Sahoo, N WE-CC-EXH C-29
Sarder, M SU-HH-EXH C-5 , SU-HH-EXH C-6
Saw, C WE-CC-EXH C-14
Sayed, M SU-HH-EXH C-19
Schreiner, L WE-CC-EXH C-34
Shaw, C SU-HH-EXH C-15 , SU-HH-EXH C-14
Short, D SU-HH-EXH C-4
Shukla, H WE-CC-EXH C-13
Sliski, A WE-CC-EXH C-9
Sloboda, R WE-CC-EXH C-28
Smith, M SU-HH-EXH C-27
Stephens, T SU-HH-EXH C-14
Stiles, T SU-HH-EXH C-25
Suit, H WE-CC-EXH C-11
Suryanarayanan, S SU-HH-EXH C-7
Tenney, C SU-HH-EXH C-20
Thompson, S SU-HH-EXH C-14
Tilton, D WE-CC-EXH C-12
Timmerman, R WE-CC-EXH C-22
Tomer, W WE-CC-EXH C-16
Trapp, J WE-CC-EXH C-25
Tseng, Y WE-CC-EXH C-6
Urie, M WE-CC-EXH C-1
Van den Heuvel, F WE-CC-EXH C-23
Van Dyk, J WE-CC-EXH C-24
Vedantham, S SU-HH-EXH C-7
Verhey, L WE-CC-EXH C-18
Vikram, B WE-CC-EXH C-5
Wang, J WE-CC-EXH C-35
Wang, L WE-CC-EXH C-18
Wang, R WE-CC-EXH C-28
Whitman, G SU-HH-EXH C-14
Wieland, B SU-HH-EXH C-21
Wilson, D SU-HH-EXH C-18
Wong, E WE-CC-EXH C-24
Wu, Q WE-CC-EXH C-15
Wu, T SU-HH-EXH C-16
Wu, Y WE-CC-EXH C-15
Xia, P WE-CC-EXH C-18
Xing, L WE-CC-EXH C-20
Yeo, I WE-CC-EXH C-4
Yoshizumi, T SU-HH-EXH C-6 , SU-HH-EXH C-5
Yudelev, M WE-CC-EXH C-26
Zasadil, S WE-CC-EXH C-16
Zhen, W WE-CC-EXH C-14
Zijp, L WE-CC-EXH C-17
Zimmerman, R SU-HH-EXH C-22