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Modalities Using Non-Ionizing Radiation
  • This symposium is being held in conjunction with the AAPM Annual Meeting
  • A wide range of topics is eligible for inclusion, so plan to submit an abstract. The deadlines and style are the same as those used for submissions to the AAPM Annual Meeting
  • A Special Issue or Section of the journal Medical Physics will be published comprising contributions from the symposium
  • You can choose to attend the symposium without attending the Annual Meeting, but if you register for the Annual Meeting you will be able to take advantage of a considerable reduction in the fee for the symposium
  • Reduced registration fee for presenters who are also graduate students!
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     Call for Papers

    Symposium on Medical Image Analysis: Modalities Using Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation

    This symposium will showcase the increasing application in medicine of imaging modalities that use non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Examples include modalities using optical, infrared, terahertz and microwave radiation. Methods utilizing both diffuse and coherent radiation, in transmission, reflection or re-emission are relevant. These modalities are of interest to medical physicists and related professionals, but may not be included in a typical Radiology department. They are being introduced for a number of reasons: technical and computing advances, reduced costs of sensors, new applications outside the traditional radiological field, the rise of molecular imaging and the opportunity to use multimodality methods to combine the strengths of several techniques. The symposium will be built around invited, educational presentations that address the physical principles and instrumentation of the key modalities, safety issues and standards such as DICOM. Abstracts are sought on medical image analysis and understanding techniques applied to relevant modalities, quality assurance, safety and comparative evaluations. Examples of categories covered by the symposium are given below, but the list is not exhaustive and all relevant submissions will be considered. However, please note that although the radiation used for ultrasound and MRI is non-ionizing, these modalities are well served by other conferences and elsewhere at the AAPM Annual Meeting, so abstracts primarily on these modalities will not be considered for the symposium.

    Modalities Image Analysis Methods
    • Optical / infrared surface shape scanners
    • Optical coherence/diffuse tomography
    • In vivo endoscopy/microscopy
    • Ophthalmoscopy, Dermatoscopy, SIAscopy
    • Fluorescence lifetime imaging
    • Terahertz frequency / microwave imaging
    • Model based interpretation
    • Image registration
    • Multi-modality methods
    • Segmentation and classification
    • Shape and volume analysis
    • Texture analysis

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