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Modalities Using Non-Ionizing Radiation
  • This symposium is being held in conjunction with the AAPM Annual Meeting
  • A wide range of topics is eligible for inclusion, so plan to submit an abstract. The deadlines and style are the same as those used for submissions to the AAPM Annual Meeting
  • A Special Issue or Section of the journal Medical Physics will be published comprising contributions from the symposium
  • You can choose to attend the symposium without attending the Annual Meeting, but if you register for the Annual Meeting you will be able to take advantage of a considerable reduction in the fee for the symposium
  • Reduced registration fee for presenters who are also graduate students!
  • 2003 AAPM Annual Meeting Home

     Opportunity for Full Publication in Medical Physics

    All accepted 250 word abstracts will be published in the June issue of Medical Physics, however there is an additional incentive to submit to the symposium. The Editorial Board of the journal Medical Physics has agreed that, depending on the number of suitable submissions an entire issue, or at least a major section of an issue, will be devoted to articles arising from presentations at the symposium. Authors of suitable papers will be invited to submit a full manuscript, which will undergo peer review in the usual way. The Guest Editor for the special issue will be the Symposium Scientific Chair Dr. ELizabeth Berry.


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