AAPM 47th Annual Meeting
 Special Recognitions
John R. Cameron Young Investigator Competition Finalists

Each year the AAPM conducts a Young Investigators' Competition for the Annual Meeting. Young Investigators were encouraged to submit abstracts for the competition. The 10 highest scored Young Investigator submissions determined by abstract reviewers are selected to be presented in a special symposium, in honor of University of Wisconsin Professor Emeritus John R. Cameron, Ph.D.

The Memorial Session in Honor of John R. Cameron: Young Investigators Symposium will be held Sunday, July 24 in Room 6C of the Convention Center.

The top 3 winners will be recognized during the AAPM Awards and Honors Ceremony Monday, July 25 from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm in Ballroom 6A, of the Convention Center.

11:10 AM
A Monte Carlo simulation of out-of-field radiation from an 18-MV beam
Stephen Kry*, U. Titt, F. Poenisch, D. Followill, O. Vassiliev, R. Mohan, M. Salehpour
11:22 AM
Factors Affecting Remote Control Endovascular Catheter Steering for iMRI
Fabio Settecase*, M. Sussman, T. Roberts
11:34 AM
Theoretical and Empirical Investigations of Flat-Panel Imagers Incorporating Single- and Dual-Stage Pixel-Amplifiers Based on Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film TFTs
Yixin Li*, L. Antonuk, Y. El-Mohri, H. Du, Q. Zhao, J. Yamamoto, A. Sawant, Y. Wang, J. Lu, R. Street
11:46 AM
Intra-fractional Variations of Anatomy During IMRT Treatment of Prostate Cancer
Adam Melancon*, R. de Crevoisier, L. Zhang, J. O'Daniel, D. Kuban, R. Cheung, A. Lee, R. Mohan, L. Dong
11:58 AM
A Generalized Field Splitting Algorithm for Optimal IMRT Delivery Efficiency
Srijit Kamath*, S. Sahni, J. Li, J. Palta, S. Ranka
12:10 PM
Helical Cone-beam CT for Radiation Therapy
Lifeng Yu*, X. Pan, C. Pelizzari, Y. Zou, P. Munro, H. Riem, W. Kaissl
12:22 PM
Automated beam direction selection for IMRT based on geometrical concepts of viewability and orthogonality
Vanessa Clark*, J. Alaly, K. Zakarian, J. Deasy
12:34 PM
Calculated Pwall values in clinical electron beams
Lesley Buckley*, D. Rogers
12:46 PM
A Model for Technique Optimization of Dual Energy X-Ray Imaging
Samuel Wheeldon*, K. Jabri, J. Sabol
12:58 PM
Verification of IMRT Dose Distributions Using a Tissue Equivalent Plastic Scintillator Based Dosimetry System
M. Peter Petric*, J. Robar, B. Clark
Jack Fowler Junior Investigator Competition Winner

An award for Junior Investigators has been established in honor of Dr. Jack Fowler, Emeritus Professor of Human Oncology and Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin.

Junior Investigators were encouraged to submit abstracts for the competition. The top scoring Junior Investigator submission determined by abstract reviewers was selected.

The winner will be announced during the AAPM Awards and Honors Ceremony Monday, July 25 from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm in Ballroom 6A, of the Convention Center and will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Monday night during the Annual Meeting.

MRI and Nuclear Medicine

2:54 PM

Validation of PET Hypoxia Tracers by Autoradiography and Fluorescent Microscopy
Andrei Pugachev*, F. Claus, X. Sun, S. Ruan, S. Cai, J. Koziorowsky, R. Finn, J. O''Donoghue, C. Ling, J. Humm

Reviewer's Choice Selections

Over 1100 abstracts were submitted for scientific review this year. Each abstract was reviewed independently and anonymously by at least three reviewers. The following abstracts were chosen as the highest ranked by the reviewers, and represent an excellent cross section of high quality research on current topic in the field. These abstracts will be presented in sessions matching their category, but with an extended time period to permit a more in-depth presentation and discussion.

MRI and Nuclear Medicine
2:54 PM
Validation of PET Hypoxia Tracers by Autoradiography and Fluorescent Microscopy
A. Pugachev*, F. Claus, X. Sun, S. Ruan, S. Cai, J. Koziorowsky, R. Finn, J. O''Donoghue, C. Ling, J. Humm
Clinical Measurements I
2:54 PM
Skin Dose Measurement with Radiochromic Film
S. Devic*, W. Abdel-Rahman, J. Seuntjens, E. Podgorsak, T. Vuong, C. Soares
Brachytherapy Treatment Techniques
5:12 PM
Toward An Energy-Based Dosimetry
L. DeWerd*, K. Stump, W. Culberson, S. Beach
Joint Imaging-Therapy Scientific Session: Functional Imaging, Registration, and Fusion
11:36 PM

Automatic Contour Delineation On Subsequent CT Images Using Deformable Registration
H. Wang*, J. O'Daniel, A. Ahamad, A. Garden, R. Mohan, L. Dong

Cone-Beam CT
2:54 PM

Cone Beam X-Ray Scatter Removal Via Image Frequency Modulation and Filtering
A Bani-Hashemi, E Blanz, J Maltz*, D Hristov, M Svatos

4D Modeling and Margin Assessment I

2:54 PM
Enhancing 4D PET Through Retrospective Stacking
B. Thorndyke*, E. Schreibmann, P. Maxim, B. Loo, A. Boyer, A. Koong, L. Xing

Image-Guided Radiotherapy Strategies


11:36 PM

Cone Beam Digital Tomosynthesis (CBDT): An Alternative to Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) for Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
G. Pang*, P. Au, P. O'Brien, A. Bani-Hashemi, M. Svatos, J. Rowlands

Small Animal Imaging
2:39 PM
Multimodality Small Animal Imaging: Registration of Functional EPR Images with MRI Anatomy
C. Haney*, A. Parasca, C. Pelizzari
4D Modeling and Margin Assessment II
4:42 PM
4DCT Proton Treatment Planning for Lung Tumors
M. Engelsman*, E. Rietzel, H. Kooy
Advances in X-ray Radiography and Fluoroscopy
11:36 AM
Development of Direct Detection Active Matrix Flat-Panel Imagers Employing Mercuric Iodide for Diagnostic Imaging
Y. El-Mohri*, L. Antonuk, Q. Zhao, Z. Su, J. Yamamoto, H. Du, A. Sawant, Y. Li, Y. Wang



The AAPM appreciates the contributions of the following individuals for their involvement in the development and success of the 2005 AAPM Annual Meeting Program.


Craig Abbey, John Antolak, Larry Antonuk, Samuel Armato, Jaiteerth Avadhani, Stanley Benedict, Peter Biggs, Jean-Pierre Bissonnette, Thomas Bortfeld, J. Daniel Bourland, Frank Bova, Arthur Boyer, Stephen Breen, Ivan Brezovich, Kristy Brock, Jay Burmeister, Paul Carson, Heang-Ping Chan, Yan Chen, Chee-Wai Cheng, Indrin Chetty, Sou-Tung Chiu-Tsao, James Chu, Geoffrey Clarke, Shiva Das, Indra Das, Joseph Deasy, Chris Deibel, James Dempsey, Larry DeWerd, Frank DiBianca, Nesrin Dogan, Lei Dong, Warren D'Souza, Jun Duan, Dennis Michael Duggan, Jeffrey Duryea, Bruce Faddegon, Rebecca Fahrig, Aaron Fenster, David Followill, Ken Forster, Benedick Fraass, Kenneth Gall, Bruce Gerbi, Maryellen Giger, Michael Gillin, Stephen Jeffrey Glick, Mitchell Goodsitt, Robert Gould, Joel Gray, Per Halvorsen, Nicholas Hangiandreou, Bruce Hasegawa, John Hazle, Michael Herman, James Hevezi, Kenneth Hoffmann, Kenneth Hogstrom, Mark Holland, Amir Huda, Margie Hunt, Andrew Jackson, Steve Jiang, Andrew Karellas, Paul Keall, Marc Kessler, Eric Klein, Robert Kline, Hanne Kooy, Frank Korosec, Elizabeth Anne Krupinski, Jon Kruse, Jong Hyun Kung, Matthew Kupinski, Patrick La Riviere, Shidong Li, Jinsheng Li, Allen Li, Jonathan Li, Zuofeng Li, Eugene Lief, Hui Helen Liu, Chihray Liu, Thomas LoSasso, Daniel Low, Anthony Lujan, Gary Luxton, Chang-Ming Charlie Ma, Lijun Ma, Mark Thomas Madsen, James Mainprize, Mary Martel, Michael McNitt-Gray, Sanford Meeks, Ali Meigooni, Moyed Miften, Michael Mills, Sabee Molloi, Janelle Molloy, Jean Moran, Michael Moyers, Sasa Mutic, Robert Nishikawa, Frederic Noo, Mark Oldham, Xiaochuan Pan, Geordi Pang, Ishmael Parsai, Donald Peck, Mark Phillips, David Pickens, Matthew Podgorsak, Richard Popple, Jean Pouliot, Robert Price, Chester Reft, Mark Rivard, Donald Robinson, John Rowlands, Stephen Rudin, Bill Salter, Cheng Saw, Beth Schueler, J. Anthony Seibert, Anil Sethi, Jan Seuntjens, Michael Sharpe, Jeff Shepard, David Shepard, Jeffrey Siebers, Jeffrey Siewerdsen, Douglas Simpkin, Katharina Sixel, Ronald Sloboda, Christopher Soares, Jason Sohn, Timothy Solberg, Marc Sontag, Perry Sprawls, David Steidley, Robin Stern, Steven Sutlief, Randall Ten Haken, Bruce Thomadsen, Martin Tornai, David Townsend, Jen-San Tsai, Robert Uzenoff, Frank Van den Heuvel, Sastry Vedam, Dirk Verellen, Lynn Verhey, Alex Vitkin, Richard Wendt, Barry Wessels, Bruce Whiting, Allen Williams, Mark Williams, Qiuwen Wu, Ping Xia, Ying Xiao, Lei Xing, Di Yan, Michael Yester, Ivan Yeung, Fang-Fang Yin, Ellen Yorke, John Yorkston, Mark Yudelev, Wei Zhao, Su-Min Zhou, Timothy Zhu


Craig Abbey, Howard Ira Amols, James Balter, Sam Beddar, Stanley Benedict, Peter Biggs, John Boone, Thomas Bortfeld, Frank Bova, Kristy Brock, Chee-Wai Cheng, Indrin Chetty, Ian Cunningham, Shiva Das, Joseph Deasy, James Dempsey, James Deye, Nesrin Dogan, Lei Dong, Bruce Faddegon, David Followill, Ken Forster, Benedick Fraass, Robert Galloway, Maryellen Giger, Eric Gingold, Bruce Hasegawa, Philip Heintz, Michael Herman, James Hevezi, Andrew Jackson, Edward Jackson, Steve Jiang, Andrew Karellas, Paul Keall, Marc Kessler, Eric Klein, Randell Kruger, Elizabeth Anne Krupinski, Jon Kruse, Patrick La Riviere, Craig Levin, Eugene Lief, Clifton Ling, Daniel Low, Anthony Lujan, Gary Luxton, Chang-Ming Charlie Ma, Andrew Maidment, Christopher Marshall, Mary Martel, Melissa Carol Martin, Jeffrey Masten, Ali Meigooni, Sabee Molloi, Janelle Molloy, Loren Niklason, Robert Nishikawa, Mark Oldham, Jatinder Palta, Xiaochuan Pan, Geordi Pang, Nikos Papanikolaou, Matthew Podgorsak, Jean Pouliot, Robert Price, Mark Rivard, Timothy Roberts, John Rowlands, Stephen Rudin, Ehsan Samei, J. Anthony Seibert, Jan Seuntjens, Jeffrey Siebers, Jeffrey Siewerdsen, Jeffrey Siewerdsen, Christopher Soares, Timothy Solberg, Jan-Jakob Sonke, Marc Sontag, Robin Stern, Randall Ten Haken, Bruce Thomadsen, David Townsend, Lynn Verhey, Ping Xia, Lei Xing, Martin Yaffe, Di Yan, John Yorkston, James Zagzebski, Timothy Zhu


Evan Boote, Indrin Chetty, Joe Deasy, Gary Ezzell, Lee Goldman, James Halama, Ed Jackson, Ralph Lieto, Sasa Mutic, Robert Pizzutiello, Phil Rauch, John Roeske, Ehsan Samei


Peter Almond, Jon Anderson, Larry Edward Antonuk, A. Sam Beddar, Daniel Bednarek, Soren Bentzen, Eric Berns, David Beyer, William Bice, Todd Blodgett, John Boone, Evan Boote, Caridad Borras, Thomas Bortfeld, J. Daniel Bourland, Arthur Boyer, Ivan Brezovich, Matthew Bruce, Lisa Burgess, Yue Cao, Jonathan Carney, Edward Chaney, Indrin Chetty, Brenda Clark, Geoffrey Clarke, Laurence Clarke, Dianna Cody, Lawrence Crum, Ian Cunningham, Bruce Curran, Indra Das, Joseph Deasy, James Dempsey, James Deye, Robert Dickerson, Nesrin Dogan, Peter Dunscombe, Miguel Eckstein, Jacqueline Esthappan, Gary Ezzell, Bruce Faddegon, Frederic Fahey, Lynne Fairobent, Michael Flynn, David Foos, Stuart Foster, Eric Friets, Robert Galloway, James Galvin, Bruce Gerbi, Debbie Gilley, Glenn Glasgow, SreeKrishna Murty Goddu, Devon Godfrey, Lee Goldman, Susan Granucci, Joel Gray, Vincent Gregoire, David Gur, Marcia Hartman, Bruce Hasegawa, Chris Hasser, Philip Heintz, William Hendee, Michael Herman, James Hevezi, Andreas Hielscher, Maynard High, Bo Hong, Jiang Hsieh, David Hussey, Geoffrey Ibbott, Edward Jackson, Andrew Jackson, David Jaffray, Yulei Jiang, Paul Jursinic, Willi Kalender, Paul Keall, Carl Keener, Charles Kelsey, Brad Kemp, Thomas Kerr, Marc Kessler, David Keys, Eric Klein, Randell Kruger, Kerry Krugh, Elizabeth Anne Krupinski, Jan Lagendijk, Richard Lane, Gregory Lanza, Craig Levin, Clifton Ling, Hui Helen Liu, Chang-Ming Charlie Ma, Mahadevappa Mahesh, Richard Massoth, Debra McBaugh, Daniel McShan, Dimitris Mihailidis, Ben Mijnheer, Heather Miller, Michael Mills, Charles Mistretta, Carlo Montemagno, Wayne Moore, Richard Moore, Richard Morin, Michael Munley, Sasa Mutic, Kyle Myers, Edward Lee Nickoloff, Robert Nishikawa, Arthur Olch, H Paganetti, Jatinder Palta, Xiaochuan Pan, Roy Parker, Roy Parker, Todd Pawlicki, Donald Peck, Mark Phillips, Robert Pizzutiello, Julian Preston, Robert Price, Chester Ramsey, Phillip Rauch, Robert Reiman, Lawrence Reinstein, John Rigden, E. Russell Ritenour, Hans Roehrig, John Roeske, Lee Rosen, Stephen Rudin, Mark Rzeszotarski, Ehsan Samei, Ralph Schaetzing, J. Anthony Seibert, Michael Sharpe, Jeff Shepard, George Sherouse, Thomas Shope, Jeffrey Siebers, Jeffrey Siewerdsen, Ramon Alfredo Siochi, Jean St. Germain, Jason Stafford, Craig Stevens, Keith Strauss, Nagalingam Suntharalingam, Bruce Thomadsen, Wolfgang Tome, James Tomlinson, David Townsend, Prabhakar Tripuraneni, Jacob Van Dyk, Michael Vannier, Lynn Verhey, Daniel Vigneron, Gerald White, Nelson Wright, Ping Xia, Lei Xing, Martin Yaffe, Cedric Yu, James Zagzebski, Miqin Zhang, Wei Zhao, Timothy Zhu




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