2008 ACMP Program
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ACMP 25th Annual Meeting - Author Index

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Ahmad, S PO-YI-EXH-3 , PO-YI-EXH-5 , MO-D-MET-4
Al-Ghazi, M PO-YI-EXH-2
Angel, E MO-B-CONG-1
Bao, S TU-C-CONG-5
Boon, S MO-C-CONG-1
Brandan, M TU-C-CONG-2
Bues, M MO-B-MET-3
Cagnon, C MO-B-CONG-1
Cao, D SA-B-MET-1 , SA-B-MET-2 , SA-B-MET-3
Cavedon, c MO-C-MET-1
Chen, C MO-D-MET-2
Chen, Y MO-D-MET-4
Chetty, I SA-A-MET-3 , PO-YI-EXH-2
Chiang, T TU-C-CONG-6
Choi, C PO-YI-EXH-1
Clarke, G TU-A-SPBR-1 , TU-C-CONG-9
Cora, S MO-C-MET-1
Cotrutz, C MO-A-MET-1
DeMarco, J MO-B-CONG-1
Doctor, J PO-YI-EXH-4
Fairobent, L SU-D-MET-1
Farr, J MO-B-MET-1
Flanz, J MO-B-MET-2
Fong, L MO-D-MET-6
Fragoso, M SA-A-MET-3
Francescon, P MO-C-MET-1
Geiser, W SA-B-CONG-3
Gibbons, J SA-D-MET-1
Goetsch, S SU-B-CONG-1 , SU-B-CONG-4 , MO-A-MET-2
Gonzalez, V TU-C-CONG-7
Guo, B MO-D-MET-5
Hendee, W TU-C-CONG-9
Herman, M MO-D-MET-6
Herman, T PO-YI-EXH-3
Hernandez, D MO-C-CONG-2
Hintenlang, D SA-B-CONG-2
Ibbott, G SU-B-MET-1 , TU-C-CONG-9
Inamura, K TU-C-CONG-8
Kalet, I PO-YI-EXH-4
Kanal, K MO-A-CONG-1
Kang, J MO-D-MET-3
Keener, C MO-B-CONG-2
Kim, H PO-YI-EXH-1
Kinahan, P TU-B-SPBR-1
Krisanachinda, A TU-C-CONG-3
Kut, C MO-D-MET-2
Langen, K SA-D-MET-2
Larsen, E PO-YI-EXH-2
Lee, C SA-C-MET-2
Liang, L PO-YI-EXH-2
Limmer, J SU-C-MET-2
Liu, Y MO-D-MET-1 , MO-D-MET-5
Ma, C SA-A-MET-1
Mackie, T MO-B-MET-4 , MO-C-MET-2
Martin, M SA-B-CONG-1 , SA-C-CONG-1 , SU-A-MET-1
Masterson McGary, M SA-C-MET-1
McNitt-Gray, M MO-B-CONG-1
Mills, M SU-C-MET-1
Odlaug, M SA-C-CONG-2
Paganetti, H SA-A-MET-2
Papanikolaou, N SA-D-MET-3 , MO-D-MET-1 , MO-D-MET-5 , TU-A-SPBR-1
Parikh, J SA-A-CONG-1 , SA-A-CONG-2
Park, C PO-YI-EXH-1
Park, J PO-YI-EXH-1
Park, Y PO-YI-EXH-1
Parsai, I MO-D-MET-3
Perkins, T PO-YI-EXH-5
Pfeiffer, D MO-A-CONG-2
Phillips, M PO-YI-EXH-4
Prescott, K PO-YI-EXH-3
Sandrik, J SA-D-CONG-2
Serago, C SU-C-MET-3
Shepard, D SA-B-MET-1 , SA-B-MET-2 , MO-A-MET-1
Shi, C SA-D-MET-3
Shvydka, D MO-D-MET-3
Smith, A SA-D-CONG-1
Smith, W PO-YI-EXH-4
Solberg, T MO-A-MET-3
Suh, T TU-C-CONG-1
Syzek, L PO-YI-EXH-3
Taylor, M SU-B-CONG-3 , SU-B-CONG-4
Taylor, R MO-D-MET-2
Thomas, S SU-B-CONG-2 , SU-B-CONG-4
Vlachaki, M PO-YI-EXH-5
Wong, J MO-D-MET-2
Wong, T SA-B-MET-1 , SA-B-MET-2 , SA-B-MET-3
Xing, L TU-B-SPBR-2
Ye, J SA-B-MET-1 , SA-B-MET-2 , SA-B-MET-3