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CD Roms

Selected presentation given during the 2008 Annual Meeting will be available via CD Rom following the meeting. You may pre-order these CD Roms when you register on-line, or you may order at the Conference Recordings desk in Houston.
Presentations will include:

A complete list of the CD Rom content will be available at the Conference Recordings desk in Houston. Please note

50th Anniversary Products

In December, 2007, AAPM members had the opportunity to vote for one of 132 t-shirt slogan submissions. The winning slogan was contributed by AAPM member Tim Stack, Radiation Oncology, St. Alphonsus Cancer Treatment Center in Boise, ID. Congratulations to Tim, and thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.

Winning slogan:products

Top 10 Ways to Know You're a Medical Physicist
10. You know what bremsstrahlung is.
9. You have accelerator parts as knick-knacks on your shelves.
8. You've never thought of Monte Carlo as a vacation spot.
7. You have an Albert Einstein action figure.
6. You've discussed work at dinner and everyone lost their appetite.
5. You have a pocket protector in your desk, just in case.
4. You've calculated something longhand, just for fun.
3. When someone says they have AAA, you wonder which planning system.
2. You find a plastic phantom a reasonable substitute for a human.
1. You'd go to Houston in July to have fun with your friends.

T-shirts with the winning slogan are now available, along with other 50th Anniversary products at the AAPM 50th Anniversary Gift Shop. Purchase individually, or save when you buy the Anniversary Pack (coffee mug, polo shirt, lapel pin and t-shirt.)

These items will only be sold and fulfilled on-line. No products will be sold in Houston.