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Registration & Housing Information

Letter of Invitation

Dear Colleague:

On behalf of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, I am pleased to invite you to attend AAPM's 2009 Summer School entitled "Clinical Dosimetry Measurements in Radiotherapy." The Summer School will be held at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado from June 21 - 25, 2009.

The registration and housing information pertaining to the 2009 Summer School is available on our web site at http://www.aapm.org/meetings/09SS/.

The following is a breakdown of fees (listed in U.S. dollars) for the meeting.  I hope this will help you in preparing a budget:

Registration Fees:

Member (Discounted - Prior to May 13) $850
Member (Regular - After May 13) $975
Non-member (Discounted - Prior to May 13) $1150
Non-member (Regular - After May 13)    $1275

Housing and Meals:
On-Campus housing includes all meals. The two campus housing options are
Residential dorm with same-sex communal bathrooms
Single - $83/person per night; Double - $73/person per night

Apartment-style: 2, 3 or 4 rooms share a bathroom and small kitchen/common area
Single - $139/person per night; Double - $97/person per night

For more information about campus housing and meals, please go to http://www.aapm.org/meetings/09SS/RegInfo.asp#Meals

If you prefer to stay off campus, you will be required to purchase a commuter meal card at $116 per person.


Angela R. Keyser
AAPM Executive Director