2010 ACMP Program
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ACMP 27th Annual Meeting - Author Index

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Adhikari, K TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-7
Afghan, M SA-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Ahmad, S PO-YI-Exh Hall-4 , PO-YI-Exh Hall-5
Al-Ghazi, M PO-YI-Exh Hall-3
Ali, I PO-YI-Exh Hall-5
Alkhatib, H SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-2 , SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-5
Al-Senan, R SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-7
Anderson, J SA-A-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1
Antolak, J PO-YI-Exh Hall-1
Brent, R SU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1
Broga, D MO-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1 , MO-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3 , MO-D-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-2 , MO-F-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1 , MO-F-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Buckey, C SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-2
Cao, D SA-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Cardwell, C MO-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-2 , MO-F-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-2 , MO-F-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Carpenter, C MO-A-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1
Chang, J PO-YI-Exh Hall-2
Chen, F SA-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Chen, X SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-2
Cheng, C SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-3
Cheung, K TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Chiang, T TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-8
Choi, K SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-4
Clarke, G SU-D-Grand Oaks N/O-2 , SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-8
Deufel, C PO-YI-Exh Hall-1
Du, B PO-YI-Exh Hall-5
Duhaini, I TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-4
Eng, T SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-3
Esquivel, C SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-3
Fairobent, L MO-F-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3 , TU-A-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1
Followill, D SA-D-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-2
Fox, M MO-D-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1 , MO-F-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Furutani, K PO-YI-Exh Hall-1
Geiser, W SA-D-Grand Oaks N/O-2
Goerner, F SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-8
Goff, D MO-D-Grand Oaks N/O-3
Gonzalez, V TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-10
Guo, B SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-3
Gutiérrez, A SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-5
Harrell, D SU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-2
Hatab, M SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-7
He, B PO-YI-Exh Hall-3
He, W SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-5
Howell, R SA-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-2
Hu, Y TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-6
Jang, D PO-YI-Exh Hall-2
Johnson, D PO-YI-Exh Hall-4
Jones, K SU-A-Grand Oaks N/O-1
Jung, W SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-4
Keener, C SA-C-Grand Oaks N/O-2 , SU-D-Grand Oaks N/O-1
Kim, S PO-YI-Exh Hall-2
Lee, J SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-4
Lee, R TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-5
Legg, S MO-D-Grand Oaks N/O-4
Mackie, T SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-1
Malhotra, H SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-6
Martin, M SA-D-Grand Oaks N/O-1 , PO-YI-Exh Hall-3
Mawlawi, O SA-A-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-2
McLemore, L SU-D-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1
Mehta, V SA-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Mihailidis, D SA-D-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1
Mohamed, A TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-4
Naji, N TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-9
Papanikolaou, N SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-2 , SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-3 , SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-5
Park, J SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-4
Pfeiffer, D SA-C-Grand Oaks N/O-1 , SU-A-Grand Oaks N/O-2
Prisciandaro, J SU-D-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-2
Rao, M SA-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Ren, B SA-F-Grand Oaks N/O-1
Roa, D PO-YI-Exh Hall-3
Ruiz, N SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-7
Sehgal, V PO-YI-Exh Hall-3
Serago, C SU-A-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1 , MO-F-Grand Oaks N/O-1 , MO-F-Grand Oaks N/O-2 , MO-F-Grand Oaks N/O-3
Shepard, D SA-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Shi, C SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-2 , SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-3 , SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-5
Smith, B SU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1
Stathakis, S SA-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1 , SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-5
Steinman, J SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-6
Sternick, E TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1
Suh, T PO-YI-Exh Hall-2 , SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-4
Switzer, D MO-F-Grand Oaks N/O-2 , MO-F-Grand Oaks N/O-3
Tarver, R MO-D-Grand Oaks N/O-1
Thomson, R PO-YI-Exh Hall-1
Tome, W SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-1
Tubbs, J PO-YI-Exh Hall-5
Turner, A MO-D-Grand Oaks N/O-2
Vazquez Q, L SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-5
Wang, D SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-1
Wong, T SA-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Wu, R TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-2
Xiao, Y SA-F-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-2
Ye, J SA-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Yin, F SA-F-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1
Zhang, J PO-YI-Exh Hall-3