2010 ITART Program
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ITART 2010 - Author Index

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Caivano, R PO-ITD--6 , PO-ITA--22
Caldwell, C PO-ITD--1 , TU-B-BRM-7
Califano, G PO-ITD--6 , PO-ITA--22
Camphausen, K MO-D-BRM-5
Cao, Y PO-QI--1 , PO-ITA--1 , PO-ITA--10 , PO-ITA--11 , PO-ITA--12 , MO-D-BRM-3 , MO-D-BRM-8 , TU-B-BRM-3
Capala, J PO-ITD--5
Castaldo, G PO-ITA--22
Castillo, E MO-D-BRM-7
Castillo, R MO-D-BRM-7
Catton, C MO-D-BRM-2
Chang, J PO-ITD--4
Chapman, C PO-ITA--10
Chen, W PO-ITA--4
Chenevert, T PO-ITA--10 , PO-ITA--11
Chetty, I PO-ITA--3 , PO-ITA--14
Cheze - Le Rest, C PO-ITA--16 , MO-B-BRM-2 , TU-B-BRM-6
Chiumento, C PO-ITA--22
Chu, J PO-ITA--20
Chung, C MO-D-BRM-5
Chung, P MO-D-BRM-2
Chvetsov, A PO-ITA--21
Clarke, L TU-C-BRM-3
Clemente, S PO-ITD--6 , PO-ITA--22
Coon, A PO-ITA--20
Cozzolino, M PO-ITD--6 , PO-ITA--22
Crane, C PO-ITA--17
Creach, K TU-B-BRM-5
Crocker, I PO-ITA--8
Curran, W PO-ITA--8