2011 ACMP Program
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ACMP 28th Annual Meeting - Author Index

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Ahmad, S MO-F-Ampitheater-6 , MO-F-Ampitheater-9
Ali, I MO-F-Ampitheater-9
Antolak, J MO-F-Ampitheater-4
Axente, M MO-F-Ampitheater-1
Barney, B MO-F-Ampitheater-4
Bass, C MO-F-Ampitheater-1
Becker, S MO-C-Ballroom 1-2
Bolch, W MO-F-Ampitheater-8
Boone, J MO-C-Ampitheater-1
Bowsher, J MO-F-Ampitheater-3
Brezovich, I SU-D-Ballroom 1-1
Brinkmann, D SU-A-Ballroom 1-1 , MO-F-Ampitheater-4
Butler, P SA-C-Ampitheater-1
Cantley, J MO-F-Ampitheater-8
Caruthers, D SU-A-Ballroom 1-2
Chell, E MO-F-Ampitheater-8
Cody, D MO-C-Ampitheater-3
Coffey, C MO-D-Ballroom 1-2
Ding, G SA-D-Ballroom 1-1
Fairobent, L SU-F-Ballroom 1-1
Feddock, J SA-F-Ballroom 1-2
Foote, R MO-F-Ampitheater-4
Frey, G MO-C-Ballroom 1-1
Garces, Y MO-F-Ampitheater-4
Geiser, W SA-D-Ampitheater-2
Giles, W MO-F-Ampitheater-3
Gilley, D SU-F-Ballroom 1-2
Gleason, J SA-F-Ballroom 1-2
Glenn, D MO-A-Ballroom 1-1
Golden, N MO-F-Ampitheater-7
Gorman, J SA-F-Ballroom 1-1
Harvey, J MO-A-Ballroom 1-1
He, J MO-F-Ampitheater-1
Herman, M MO-F-Ampitheater-4
Hintenlang, D MO-F-Ampitheater-8
Hirsch, J MO-F-Ampitheater-1
Hruska, C SA-F-Ampitheater-2
Hyer, D TU-C-Ampitheater-2
Jaffray, D SA-C-Ballroom 1-1
Kallenberg, P SA-F-Ballroom 1-3
Kim, J MO-F-Ampitheater-2
Kowalchik, K SA-A-Ballroom 1-1
Lacey, S MO-F-Ampitheater-4
Langner, U SA-F-Ballroom 1-1 , SA-F-Ballroom 1-3
Lau, A MO-F-Ampitheater-6
Lee, R SA-A-Ballroom 1-2
Li, H MO-F-Ampitheater-3
Madsen, M SU-D-Ampitheater-1
Martin, M SA-D-Ampitheater-1 , MO-D-Ampitheater-1
Masterson-McGary, M TU-A-Ampitheater-2 , TU-A-Ampitheater-2
McGarry, R SA-F-Ballroom 1-1 , SA-F-Ballroom 1-2
Mills, M MO-D-Ballroom 1-1
Molloy, J SA-F-Ballroom 1-2 , SA-F-Ballroom 1-3
Narayanasamy, G SA-F-Ballroom 1-2
Niklason, L SA-F-Ampitheater-1
Oyewale, S MO-F-Ampitheater-9
Pafundi, D MO-F-Ampitheater-4
Pfeiffer, D SA-C-Ampitheater-2 , MO-C-Ampitheater-2
Piefer, G MO-A-Ballroom 1-1
Piper, J SU-A-Ballroom 1-1
Pooley, R SU-A-Ampitheater-1
Popple, R SU-D-Ballroom 1-2
Pugachev, A MO-F-Ampitheater-1
Rangaraj, D MO-F-Ampitheater-5
Roper, J MO-F-Ampitheater-3
Saito, E MO-A-Ballroom 1-1
Smith, A SU-A-Ballroom 1-2
Staples, P MO-A-Ballroom 1-1
Staton, R TU-A-Ampitheater-1
Sudhyadhom, A TU-C-Ampitheater-1
Sun, B MO-F-Ampitheater-5
Sundaresan, G MO-F-Ampitheater-1
Thadigiri, C MO-F-Ampitheater-1
Tien, C MO-F-Ampitheater-8
Ting, J MO-F-Ampitheater-7
wang, y MO-F-Ampitheater-7
Wong, J SA-C-Ballroom 1-1
Xu, X MO-F-Ampitheater-2
Yin, F SA-C-Ballroom 1-1 , MO-F-Ampitheater-3
Zhang, T MO-F-Ampitheater-2
Zweit, J MO-F-Ampitheater-1