2012 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting Program
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2012 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting - Author Index

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Adurkar, P MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Ahmad, S MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-4
Balter, P MO-A-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Bao, Q MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-10
Benedict, S SU-D-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Boedeker, K SA-B-Dallas Ballroom 3-1
Both, S TU-C-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Cagnon, C TU-C-Dallas Ballroom 3-2
Claytor, M MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-11
Clements, J SU-B-Dallas Ballroom 3-1
Coffey, C MO-C-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Das, I MO-D-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Deshpande, D MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Dugas, J MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-10
Eifel, P SU-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Elguindi, S MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Fairobent, L SU-C-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Felmlee, J MO-A-Dallas Ballroom 3-2
Flynn, R SU-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Geiser, W SU-B-Dallas Ballroom 3-2
Gillin, M TU-C-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Goode, A MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-11
Greene, T MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-5
Hager, F MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-10
Halama, J MO-D-Dallas Ballroom 3-2
Halvorsen, P SU-C-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Hangiandreou, N MO-D-Dallas Ballroom 3-1
Hintenlang, D SA-A-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1 , TU-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Holla, R MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-9
Howell, R SA-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1 , SA-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Hrycushko, B MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-10
Hsieh, C MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-3
Hu, Y MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-4
Hugg, J SU-D-Dallas Ballroom 3-2
Ibbott, G MO-C-Dallas Ballroom 3-1
Jackson, E MO-A-Dallas Ballroom 3-1
Jackson, S MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-4
Jacobson, G SU-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Judy, P MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-11
Kasper, M MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-6
Kathriarachchi, V MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-6
Keener, J MO-C-Dallas Ballroom 3-1
Kim, Y SU-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Kry, S SA-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1 , SA-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Kudchadker, R SU-A-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Lee, Y MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-7
Leon, S MO-C-Dallas Ballroom 3-1
Li, X TU-A-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Martin, M TU-C-Dallas Ballroom 3-1
Mather, R SA-B-Dallas Ballroom 3-1
Mills, M MO-C-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Modrick, J SU-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Morales, M MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-12
Morin, R SA-B-Dallas Ballroom 3-2
Murthy, V MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Muruganandham, M SU-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Myers, W MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-12
Nelson, A MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-12
Papanikolaou, N MO-D-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Parscale, J TU-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Patt, B SU-D-Dallas Ballroom 3-2
Perks, J MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-7
Pfeiffer, D SU-A-Dallas Ballroom 3-2
Platt, P SU-A-Dallas Ballroom 3-1
Popple, R SU-A-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Purdy, J MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-7
Rathod, S MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Reeve, D SU-D-Dallas Ballroom 3-1
Rong, X MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-5
Ruan, C MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-4
Schramm, A MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-6
Serago, C SA-A-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Shang, C MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-6
Simrak, B SU-D-Dallas Ballroom 3-2
Smith, P SU-D-Dallas Ballroom 3-2
Solberg, T MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-10
Sriram, P MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-9
Starkschall, G MO-A-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Stern, R MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-7
Stewart, R MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-11
Sukumar, P MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-9
Syam Kumar, S MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-9
Thomas, S MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-8
Timmerman, R SU-D-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Tryggestad, E MO-A-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Valicenti, R MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-7
Vivekanandan, N MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-9
Wagner, L TU-A-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Watchman, C MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-1
Willis, C MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-3
Wintermark, M MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-11
Yenice, K SU-D-Ft. Worth Ballroom-2
Yi, S MO-B-Ft. Worth Ballroom-7