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Space Information

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One 6-Foot Table 1 Complimentary Registration $1,105
Each Additional Table 1 Additional Complimentary Registration $855
Publisher’s Row 1 Complimentary Registration $605
Included in the rental fees: 6ft x 2.5ft Table – 2 Chairs – Waste Basket - Wireless High Speed Internet Access
  Additional Exhibitor Personnel Registration (each) $540

Exhibitor Group Listing Fee

Individual listing of divisions, branches, or subdiaries Price

Exhibitors may identify up to two (2) individual divisions, branches, or subsidiaries of the parent exhibitor company in the AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting Pocket Program.

Each entity listing to include:

  • Division, Branches, or Subsidiaries Name
  • Booth Number
  • Contact Information
  • Product Description


Cost PER additional division, branch, or subsidiary name.

This fee is necessary to accommodate the cost of supporting each individual entity.

The floorplan posted currently shows single 6-foot tables.

If you would like to reserve more than one table, please indicate on the Exhibitor Contract.

For first consideration in space assignment:

Applications Due – January 7, 2013

Full Payment Due – January 24, 2013

Space is limited! Space assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Exhibit Management Policy

Exhibit Management reserves the right to rearrange the floorplan at any time when such action is deemed to be in the best interest of the total exhibit effort. Exhibit Management reserves the right to relocate exhibitors should it become necessary for causes beyond the control of AAPM, or advisable in the best judgment of AAPM to transfer assignments.

To complete the Exhibitor Contract (this is a fillable Form):

  • Review the 2013 AAPM Floorplan and determine your top three (3) table space selection requests. The entrance is indicated on the floorplan so please note when selecting your requested location.
  • List any exhibitors you wish to be near and any competitors you do not want to be near.
  • Upon receipt of space applications, Exhibitors will be sent an invoice via email for the amount of booth space requested.  Payments can be made in full or in installments, provided full payment is received by January 24, 2013.
  • Payment can be made via credit card at the following Web site:   (The zip code for the card account and the 3- or 4-digit security code will be required.)


  • Credit cards accepted include Visa, Master card, Discover and American Express
  • For security purposes, DO NOT send credit card information to AAPM Headquarters.
  • Full Payment can also be submitted in the form of a check in US funds made payable to AAPM and mailed to:  P.O. Box 759035, Baltimore, MD  21275-9035.
  • Or by ACH or wire transfer – contact accounting@aapm.org for ACH or wire transfer information.

Please Note:
Space assignments are subject to availability of space, preferences, special needs, and compatibility of Exhibitors. Booth assignment will not be made until the FULL PAYMENT is received regardless of when the Application for Exhibit Space is received.

Should the Exhibitor be unable to occupy and use the exhibit space contracted for, they will promptly notify Exhibit Management. All sums paid by the Exhibitor, less a service charge of 10% of the contract price, will be refunded.

No refund for cancellation will be made after February 15, 2013.

Exhibit Management has the right to reassign a different table top to Exhibitor.