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Update On MQSA and ACR Mammography Accreditation Program

Pamela Platt

P Platt*, American College of Radiology, Reston, VA

SU-D-Salon BCD-1 Sunday 4:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM Room: Salon BCD

Learning Objectives:
The presentation will enable participants the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the rules under the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) governing mammography facilities and Accrediting Bodies (AB) as it applies to Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT). Additionally, an update will be provided on the ACR's Breast Imaging Center of Excellence Designation.

The participants will be provided an overview of the ACR accreditation / MQSA certification process to include:
1. Understanding the difference between accreditation and certification under the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA); to include the role of the accrediting body, MQSA, the facility, and the annual MQSA inspection.
2. Understand the accreditation process for a facility to start performing mammography as a new facility, or accredited facility adding a new DBT unit(s).
3. Provide an overview of the MQSA Certificate Extension Program for DBT.
4. Understanding the medical physicist role as a member of the mammography team in providing guidance to the facility both during and after the annual survey.
5. Provide guidance on where to go for assistance
6. Provide and overview of the ACR Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence.

1. Accreditation and Certification
b. Accrediting Bodies
i. ACR
ii. Arkansas
iii. Iowa
iv. Texas
c. MQSA/State Inspectors

2. ACR Accreditation Process for New Units with An Accrediting Body
a. New units
b. New facilities
c. Needed documentation
i. Accreditation application
ii. Medical Physicist Mammography Equipment Evaluation
d. Common Application Mistakes

3. Why No Accrediting Body
a. Newly Approved FFDM Systems
i. All Abs Must Apply to be An Accrediting Body to the FDA
b. New Modality
i. Need an Established Standard of Care

4. Accreditation Process for New Units without An Accrediting Body - MQSA Certificate Extension Program for DBT
a. Process
b. Needed Documentation
i. Facility Information
ii. Unit Information
iii. List of Qualified Personnel
iv. Medical Physicist Mammography Equipment Evaluation; including phantom image
c. FDA Approval Letter

5. FDA Annual Inspection
a. AB Accredited Units
b. MQSA Certificate Extension Units

6. Hologic Lorad Selenia Dimensions Information
a. Facility Information
b. Consumer Information

7. Where to go for help
a. Medical Physicist
b. FFDM Unit Manufacturer
c. MQSA Policy Guidance Help System
d. ACR Website
e. Hologic Website

8. ACR Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence
i. Criteria for Designation
ii. Statistics

Course participants should demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of accreditation and certification under MQSA, to include the units that have an accrediting body and those units that fall under the MQSA Certificate Extension Program; to include common pitfalls during the application process and where to go for assistance. Additionally, participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the ACR's Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence Designation.

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