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Anatomy of a Professional Liability Case

Jeffrey Masten

J Masten1*, (1) Aspirus Regional Cancer Center, WAUSAU, WI

SU-C-Salon BCD-1 Sunday 1:30:00 PM - 3:30:00 PM Room: Salon BCD

Purpose: To introduce the meeting participants to the basic terminology and structure of medical negligence litigation. This talk will deal in depth with the tools which lawyers use to shape the case, the stage at which a particular tool is available, and the reasons behind a particular approach.

Methods: Actual case law will be used to illustrate the various legal concepts. Secondary legal sources will be introduced, as well as an extensive handout to point the way for further study.

Conclusions: Session participants should come away with not just an understanding of the language of litigation, but also a basic appreciation of the strategy in civil litigation procedure and its significance to the outcome of a trial.

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