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Device Practice

Practical Session on Patient Positioning and Immobilization

Advances in the commercial technology for radiation therapy simulation, planning, and treatment delivery have had a substantial impact on the way patients are positioned and immobilized for treatment.  Many new techniques such as SRT, SBRT, SRS, and IGRT continue to evolve, and it is important for users to fully understand the available patient set-up techniques  and range of strategies employed to provide the most precise and repeatable positioning. In this session we present (1) an overview from various manufacturers on the current positioning and immobilization techniques and technology available, (2) Discuss challenges and issues with specific techniques, and (3) acquire practical knowledge of the evolving solutions as presented by the various manufacturers and clinicians.


June 23
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Practical Session Vendors

Round Table Topics

1 - Orfit Industries America A - Investment Strategies in SBRT Resources - Linacs, Immobilization, Planning, QA (Benedict)
2 - QFix B - Visual Feedback Systems (Dieterich)
3 - Varian Medical Systems C - Frameless SRS Positioning/Intra-fraction Monitoring (Gordon)
4 - Medspira, LLC D - Overall Clinical Process for SBRT, Minimum Clinical Practice Standards (Hendrickson)
5 - Civco E - Physician Experience and Concerns (Yamada)
6 - Brainlab F - GK (Schlesinger)
7 - Elekta G - Management of Recurrent Lesions (O'Meara)
8 - Accuray H - Treatment Planning with VMAT, Fixed Fields, Conformal Arcs (Cao)
  I - Small Field Dosimetry (Seuntjens)
  J - Multi-site SRS Planning Techniques (Gutierrez)
  K - Active Treatment Tumor Movement Tolerances (Kupelian)
  L - Marker Tracking in SBRT (Evans)
  M - 4D Simulation and Planning (Wijesooriya)
  N - SBRT QA/Checklists (Foster)
  O - Current Clinical Protocols (RTOG/NRG) , Critical Organ Dose (Goodman)
  P - MR IGRT (Mutic)
  Q - Choosing Appropriate Measurement Equipment (Followill)
  R - Biological Considerations for Hypofractionation (Grimm)
  S - Small Field Machine Data Commissioning - TG155 (Das)
  T - Deformable Imaging - TG132 (Kim)