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SRS/SRT/SBRT has progressed from a specialty procedure only performed at major academic centers to a widely accepted treatment regimen adopted by a majority of Radiation Oncology Clinics. The technology has undergone major developments from frame-based to frameless implementations as a result of the advances of high-precision IGRT tools. Delivery devices have also technically diversified, ranging from dedicated machines such as the Gamma Knife all the way to all-purpose linacs to protons. Respiratory motion management techniques have allowed treatments to expand into lung and GI; radiobiological arguments increasingly support hypofractionation for GU applications.

SRS/SRT/SBRT treatment techniques tie together technological advancements of the last decade into a high-precision, hypofractionated course of treatment while minimizing treatment uncertainties.

Most physicists have gained SRS/SBRT skills and knowledge through attending educational offerings at AAPM, ASTRO and RSS; this comprehensive course is aimed specifically for clinical physicists and will address the many aspects of SRS/SBRT in a single format.

This program has applied for approval of 8.50 SAMs credits. Registrants will receive a hardcover copy of Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy.

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August 6
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