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A Brade
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T Craig

S Hadley

A Brade1*, T Craig2*, S Hadley3*, (1) Princess Margaret Cancer, Toronto, ON, (2) The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre - UHN, Toronto, ON, (3) The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


Panel Member - A Brade, Presenting Author
Panel Member - T Craig, Presenting Author
Panel Member - S Hadley, Presenting Author

TU-B-BRB-0 (Tuesday, August 2, 2016) 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Room: Ballroom B

In this interactive session, liver SBRT patient cases will be presented to highlight real-world considerations for ensuring safe and accurate treatment delivery. An expert panel of speakers will discuss approaches to challenges specific to liver SBRT including motion management, target delineation and imaging strategies, online treatment alignment, and appropriate prescription regimens and OAR dose limits. Audience participation will be encouraged.

Educational Objectives:
This panel session is designed to provide case demonstration and review for liver SBRT in terms of
(1) clinical appropriateness in patient selection
(2) strategies for motion management in simulation
(3) treatment planning approaches with image fusion/co-registration
(4) image guidance in treatment delivery

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