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Influence of the Elevated Posterior Position by Using the Customized Vacuum-Bag On the Abdominal MR Image Quality: A Quantitative Phantom Study

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O Wong

O Wong*, J Yuan , M Law , A Ding , S Yu , K Cheung , Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, Hong Kong, N/A


SU-F-J-159 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) of MR abdominal imaging in diagnostic radiology is maximized by minimizing the coil-to-patient distance. However, for radiotherapy applications, customized vacuum-bag is needed for abdominal immobilization at the cost of the increasing distance to the posterior spine coil. This sub-optimized coil setting for RT applications may compromise image quality, such as SNR and homogeneity, thus potentially affect tissue delineation. In this study, we quantitatively evaluate the effect of the vertical position change on SNR and image quality change using an ACR MR phantom.
An ACR MR phantom was placed on the flat couch top. Images were acquired using an 18-channel body array coil and spine coil on a dedicated 1.5T MR-simulator. The scan was repeated three times with the ACR phantom elevated up to 7.5cm from the couch top, with a step size of 2.5cm. All images were acquired using standard ACR test sequence protocol of 2D spin-echo T1-weighted(TR/TE=500/200ms) and T2-weighted(TR/TE1/TE2=2000/20/80) sequences. For all scans, pre-scan normalization was turned on, and the distance between the phantom and the anterior 18-channel body array coil was kept constant. SNR was calculated using the slice with a large water-only region of the phantom. Percent intensity uniformity(PIU) and low contrast object detectability(LCD) were assessed by following ACR test guidelines.

The decrease in image SNR(from 335.8 to 169.3) and LCD(T1: from 31 to 19 spokes, T2: 26 to 16 spokes) were observed with increasing vertical distance. After elevating the phantom by 2.5cm(approximately the thickness of standard vacuum-bag), SNR change(from 335.8 to 275.5) and LCD(T1: 31 to 26 spokes, T2: 26 to 21 spokes) change were noted. However, similar PIU was obtained for all choices of vertical distance(T1: 94.5%-95.0%, T2: 94.4%-96.8%).

After elevating the scan object, reduction in SNR level and contrast detectability but no change in image homogeneity was observed.

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