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Absorbed Dose Estimation for a Commercially Available MicroCT Scanner with Various Filtration Techniques

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A Lau

A Lau1*, H Liu2 , L Ren2, S Ahmad1 , Y Chen1 , (1) University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK, (2) University Oklahoma, Norman, OK


SU-F-I-69 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To quantify the simulated mean absorbed dose per technique (cGy/mAs) from a commercially available microCT scanner using various filtration techniques.

Methods: Monte Carlo simulations using the Geant4 toolkit (version 10) was used utilizing the standard electromagnetic physics model. The Quantum FX microCT scanner (PerkinElmer, Waltham, MA) was modeled incorporating measured energy spectra and spatial dimensions of nominal source-to-object (SOD) distances. The energy distribution was measured using a spectrometer (X-123CdTe, Amptek Inc., Bedford, USA) for the 90 kVp X-ray beams with various filters (including no filter, 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm Al and 0.2 mm Cu + 2.5 mm Al). The SOD was set to 154 mm, 104 mm, and 52 mm. A total of 10 million incident particles were processed per simulation. Cutout value was set to 0.1 mm for both photon and electron. The mean dose absorbed (cGy/per incident particle) in a PMMA phantom (length of 2 cm and radius of 3 cm) were recorded. Exposure measurements were taken using a Radcal 9095 system with a protocol of 90 kVp, 200 μA, and ~12 s beam-On time for the various filters.

Results: The mean absorbed dose per mAs for various filtrations and different SOD setups indicated that the dose decreased as the SOD increased and as the amount of filtration increased. For a given SOD, the dose was reduced by as much as ~13.7% by varying the filter (from 0.2 mm Cu + 2.5 mm Al to no filter). The maximum dose was found to be 0.39 cGy/mAs (SOD of 5.196 cm, no filter) while the minimum dose value was 0.077 cGy/mAs (SOD of 15.4 cm, .2mm Cu + 2mm Al filter).

Conclusions: This study estimates easily the mean dose for objects scanned with a microCT scanner with different filtration.

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