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Program Information

  MRI in Radiotherapy Sunday - 7/31/2016
Joint Imaging - Therapy SNAP Oral 2:05 PM - 3:00 PM Room: 207A

Moderator 1: B. Gino Fallone, Cross Cancer Institute
Moderator 2: Di Yan, Beaumont Health System

2:05 PM
SU-D-207A-1 : Female Pelvic Synthetic CT Generation Based On Joint Shape and Intensity Analysis
L. Liu*, S. Jolly, Y. Cao, K. Vineberg, J. Fessler, J. Balter
2:12 PM
SU-D-207A-2 : Possible Characterization of the Brain Tumor Vascular Environment by a Novel Strategy of Quantitative Analysis in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR Imaging: A Combination of Both Patlak and Logan Analyses
S. Yee*, P. Chinnaiyan, J. Wloch, M. Pirkola, D. Yan
2:19 PM
SU-D-207A-3 : Potential Role of BOLD MRI in Discrimination of Aggressive Tumor Habitat in Prostate Cancer
J. Ford*, C. Lopez, Y. Tschudi, A. Breto, K. Padgett, A. Pollack, R. Stoyanova
2:26 PM
SU-D-207A-4 : Use of Gradient Echo Plural Contrast Imaging (GEPCI) in MR-Guided Radiation Therapy:A Feasibility Study Targeting Brain Treatment
B. Cai*, J. Wen, Y. Rao, C. Tsien, J. Huang, O. Green, S. Mutic, D. Yablonskiy, H. Gach
2:33 PM
SU-D-207A-5 : Investigating Sparse-Sampled MRI for Motion Management in Thoracic Radiotherapy
P. Sabouri*, T. Arai, A. Sawant
2:40 PM
SU-D-207A-6 : Pediatric Abdominal Organ Motion Quantified Via a Novel 4D MRI Method
J. Uh*, M. Krasin, J. Lucas, C. Tinkle, T. Merchant, C. Hua
2:47 PM
SU-D-207A-7 : The Effects of Inter-Cycle Respiratory Motion Variation On Dose Accumulation in Single Fraction MR-Guided SBRT Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma
B. Stemkens*, M. Glitzner, C. Kontaxis, B. Denis de Senneville, F. Prins, S. Crijns, L. Kerkmeijer, J. Lagendijk, C. van den Berg, R. Tijssen