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Program Information

  Tumor Tracking Sunday - 7/31/2016
Joint Imaging - Therapy SNAP Oral 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Ballroom A

Moderator 1: Bryan Bednarz, University of Wisconsin
Moderator 2: Margie Hunt, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Ctr

4:00 PM
SU-G-BRA-1 : A Real-Time Tumor Localization and Guidance Platform for Radiotherapy Using US and MRI
B. Bednarz*, W. Culberson, M. Bassetti, A. McMillan, C. Matrosic, A. Shepard, J. Zagzebski, S. Smith, W. Lee, D. Mills, K. Cao, B. Wang, E. Fiveland, R. Darrow, T. Foo
4:07 PM
SU-G-BRA-2 : Development of a Learning Based Block Matching Algorithm for Ultrasound Tracking in Radiotherapy
A. Shepard*, B. Bednarz
4:14 PM
SU-G-BRA-3 : PCA Based Imaging Angle Optimization for 2D Cine MRI Based Radiotherapy Guidance
T. Chen*, N. Yue, S. Jabbour, M. Zhang
4:21 PM
SU-G-BRA-4 : Simulation of Errors in Maximal Intensity Projection (MIP)-Based Lung Tumor Internal Target Volumes (ITV) Using Real-Time 2D MRI and Deformable Image Registration Based Lung Tumor Tracking
D. Thomas*, A. Kishan, A. Santhanam, Y. Min, D. O'Connell, J. Lamb, M. Cao, N. Agazaryan, Y. Yang, P. Lee, D. Low
4:28 PM
SU-G-BRA-5 : Application of a Feature-Based Tracking Algorithm to KV X-Ray Fluoroscopic Images Toward Marker-Less Real-Time Tumor Tracking
M. Nakamura*, M. Nakao, Y. Matsuo, N. Mukumoto, Y. Iizuka, K. Yokota, T. Mizowaki, M. Hiraoka
4:35 PM
SU-G-BRA-6 : Quantification of Tracking Performance of a Multi-Layer Electronic Portal Imaging Device
Y. Hu*, J. Rottmann, M. Myronakis, R. Berbeco
4:42 PM
SU-G-BRA-7 : An Innovative Fiducial-Less Tracking Method for Radiation Treatment of Abdominal Tumors by Diaphragm Disparity Analysis
D. Dick*, X. Wu, W. Zhao
4:49 PM
SU-G-BRA-8 : Diaphragm Motion Tracking Based On KV CBCT Projections with a Constrained Linear Regression Optimization
J. Wei, M. Chao*
4:56 PM
SU-G-BRA-9 : Estimation of Motion Tracking Uncertainty for Real-Time Adaptive Imaging
H. Yan, Z. Chen, R. Nath, W. Liu*
5:03 PM
SU-G-BRA-10 : Marker Free Lung Tumor Motion Tracking by An Active Contour Model On Cone Beam CT Projections for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy of Lung Cancer
M. Chao*, J. Wei, Y. Yuan, Y. Lo
5:10 PM
SU-G-BRA-11 : Tumor Tracking in An Iterative Volume of Interest Based 4D CBCT Reconstruction
R. Martin*, M. Ahmad, T. Pan
5:17 PM
SU-G-BRA-12 : Development of An Intra-Fractional Motion Tracking and Dose Reconstruction System for Adaptive Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in High-Risk Prostate Cancer
N. Hassan Rezaeian*, Y. Chi, Z. Tian, S. Jiang, R. Hannan, X. Jia
5:24 PM
SU-G-BRA-13 : An Advanced Deformable Lung Phantom for Analyzing the Dosimetric Impact of Respiratory Motion
D. Shin*, S. Kang, D. Kim, T. Kim, K. Kim, M. Cho, T. Suh
5:31 PM
SU-G-BRA-14 : Dose in a Rigidly Moving Phantom with Jaw and MLC Compensation
E. Chao*, D. Lucas
5:38 PM
SU-G-BRA-15 : Dosimetric Evaluation of Dynamic Tumor Tracking Radiation Therapy Using Digital Phantom: A Study On Margin and Desired Accuracy of Tracking
T. Uchida*, N. Kadoya, K. Ichiji, Y. Nakajima, K. Jingu, M. Osanai, K. Takeda, Y. Takai, N. Homma
5:45 PM
SU-G-BRA-16 : Target Dose Comparison for Dynamic MLC Tracking and Mid-Ventilation Planning in Lung Radiotherapy Subject to Intrafractional Baseline Drifts
M. Menten*, M. Fast, S. Nill, U. Oelfke
5:52 PM
SU-G-BRA-17 : Tracking Multiple Targets with Independent Motion in Real-Time Using a Multi-Leaf Collimator
Y. Ge*, P. Keall, P. Poulsen