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Program Information

  Optimization and Inverse Planning Wednesday - 8/3/2016
Therapy Scientific Session 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Room: 209

Moderator 1: Lei Xing, Stanford University School of Medicine
Moderator 2: Peter Manser, Division of Medical Radiation Physics and Department of Radiation Oncology,

7:30 AM
WE-AB-209-1 : A Monte Carlo-Based Method to Include Random Errors in Robust Optimization
A. Barragan Montero*, K. Souris, J. Lee, E. Sterpin
7:40 AM
WE-AB-209-2 : A New Inverse Planning Framework with Principle-Based Modeling of Inter-Structural Dosimetric Tradeoffs
H. Liu*, P. Dong, L. Xing
7:50 AM
WE-AB-209-3 : Adaptive SBRT Planning for Interfraction Motion
V. Wu*, M. Epelman, K. Brock, M. Feng, R. Ten Haken, M. Matuszak
8:00 AM
WE-AB-209-4 : Biological Evaluation of Universal Multi-Criteria Optimization VMAT Prostate Plans
M. Guerrero*, S. Chen
8:10 AM
WE-AB-209-5 : Development of An Ultra-Fast High Quality Whole Breast Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System
Y. Sheng*, T. Li, S. Yoo, F. Yin, R. Blitzblau, J. Horton, M. Palta, C. Hahn, Y. Ge, Q. Wu
8:20 AM
WE-AB-209-6 : Dynamic Collimator Trajectory Algorithm for Use in VMAT Treatment Deliveries
A. Syme*, L. MacDonald, C. Thomas
8:30 AM
WE-AB-209-7 : Explicit and Convex Optimization of Plan Quality Metrics in Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
L. Engberg*, K. Eriksson, A. Forsgren, B. Hardemark
8:40 AM
WE-AB-209-8 : Novel Beam-Specific Adaptive Margins for Reducing Organ-At-Risk Doses
H. Tsang*, C. Kamerling, P. Ziegenhein, S. Nill, U. Oelfke
8:50 AM
WE-AB-209-9 : Optimization of Rotational Arc Station Parameter Optimized Radiation Therapy
P. Dong*, B. Ungun, S. Boyd, L. Xing
9:00 AM
WE-AB-209-10 : Optimizing the Delivery of Sequential Fluence Maps for Efficient VMAT Delivery
D. Craft*, M. Balvert
9:10 AM
WE-AB-209-11 : Prostate Cancer Treatment Planning: Sensitivity and Representative Objective Function Weights
A. Goli*, J. Boutilier, T. Craig, M. Sharpe, T. Chan
9:20 AM
WE-AB-209-12 : Quasi Constrained Multi-Criteria Optimization for Automated Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
W. Watkins*, J. Siebers