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Program Information

  Advanced Delivery Techniques Thursday - 8/4/2016
Therapy Scientific Session 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM Room: Ballroom B

Moderator 1: Rodney Wiersma, The University of Chicago
Moderator 2: Joerg Rottmann, Brigham and Woman's Hospital

1:00 PM
TH-EF-BRB-1 : BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY): Dosimetric Comparison of 4p and Clinical IMRT for Cortex-Sparing High-Grade Glioma Treatment
K. Woods*, R. Karunamuni, A. Tran, V. Yu, D. Nguyen, J. Hattangadi-Gluth, K. Sheng
1:10 PM
TH-EF-BRB-2 : Feasibility of Optimization for Dynamic Trajectory Radiotherapy
M. Fix*, D. Frei, W. Volken, D. Terribilini, D. Aebersold, P. Manser
1:20 PM
TH-EF-BRB-3 : Significant Cord and Esophagus Dose Reduction by 4p Non-Coplanar Spine Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy and Stereotactic Radiosurgery
V. Yu*, A. Tran, D. Nguyen, K. Woods, M. Cao, T. Kaprealian, R. Chin, D. Low, K. Sheng
1:30 PM
TH-EF-BRB-4 : 4p Dynamic Conformal Arc Therapy Dynamic Conformal Arc Therapy (DCAT) for SBRT
T. Chiu*, T. Long, A. Modiri, Z. Tian, A. Sawant, Y. Yan, S. Jiang, X. Gu
1:40 PM
TH-EF-BRB-5 : 4pi Non-Coplanar IMRT Beam Angle Selection by Convex Optimization with Group Sparsity Penalty
D. O'Connor*, Y. Voronenko, D. Nguyen, W. Yin, K. Sheng
1:50 PM
TH-EF-BRB-6 : Implementation of a Modulated-Arc Total Body Irradiation (TBI) Technique Using the RayStation Treatment Planning System
J. Phillips*, J. Cheung, M. Held, D. Han, O. Morin
2:00 PM
TH-EF-BRB-7 : Novel Hardware and Software Platform for Intermediate Energy 4p Radiotherapy
K. Woods*, M. Harrison, S. Boucher, J. McNevin, S. Kutsaev, L. Faillace, K. Sheng
2:10 PM
TH-EF-BRB-8 : Robotic Motion Compensation for Radiation Therapy: A 6DOF Phantom Study
A. Belcher*, X. Liu, R. Wiersma
2:20 PM
TH-EF-BRB-9 : Total Body Irradiation with Uniform MU and Modulated Arc Segments, UMMS-TBI
B. Yi*, H. Chung, Y. Mutaf, K. Prado
2:30 PM
TH-EF-BRB-10 : Dosimetric Validation of a Trajectory Based Cranial SRS Treatment Technique On a Varian TrueBeam Linac
B. Wilson, E. Gete*
2:40 PM
TH-EF-BRB-11 : Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Total Body Irradiation
L. Ouyang*, M. Folkerts, B. Hrycushko, R. Lamphier, H. Lee, Y. Yan, S. Jiang, R. Timmerman, N. Desai, R. Abulrahman, X. Gu