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Program Information

  Professional Proffered Session Tuesday - 8/2/2016
Professional Session 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Room: 201

Moderator: Russell Tarver, The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

11:00 AM
TU-D-201-1 : 2016 Economics Update
J. Fontenot*, W. Fuss
11:07 AM
TU-D-201-2 : Medical Physics Practices for Plan and Chart Review: Results of AAPM Task Group 275 Survey
L. Fong de los Santos*, L. Dong, A. Greener, J. Johnson, P. Johnson, G. Kim, J. Mechalakos, B. Napolitano, S. Parker, D. Schofield, M. Wells, E. Yorke, E. Ford
11:14 AM
TU-D-201-3 : Results of a Survey On the Implementation of the TG-51 Protocol and Associated Addendum On Reference Dosimetry of External Beams
G. Kim*, B. Muir, W. Culberson, S. Davis, Y. Huang, S. Lee, J. Lowenstein, A. Sarfehnia, N. Tolani, J. Siebers
11:21 AM
TU-D-201-4 : Veracity of Data Elements in Radiation Oncology Incident Learning Systems
A. Kapur*, S. Evans, D. Brown, G. Ezzell, D. Hoopes, S. Dieterich, K. Kapetanovic, C. Tomlinson
11:28 AM
TU-D-201-5 : Validation of Treatment Planning Dose Calculations: Experience Working with MPPG 5.a
J. Xue*, J. Park, L. Kim, P. Balter, J. Ohrt, S. Kirsner, C. Wang, G. Ibbott
11:35 AM
TU-D-201-6 : HDR Plan Prechecks Using Eclipse Scripting API
G. Palaniswaamy*, A. Morrow, S. Kim, D. Rangaraj
11:42 AM
TU-D-201-7 : Severity Indication in High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Emergency Response Procedure
K. Li*, F. Rustad
11:49 AM
TU-D-201-8 : Experience Complying with The Joint Commission Element of Performance On Radiation Dose Index Monitoring
M. Supanich*
11:56 AM
TU-D-201-9 : Is the MS Degree Still a Viable Option for Clinical Medical Physics Education and Training?
B. Loughery*, J. Burmeister
12:03 PM
TU-D-201-10 : Ethics and Discriminatory Behavior in the MedPhys Match
K. Hendrickson*, J. Burmeister, A. Rodrigues, T. Juang, S. Vimolchalao