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Program Information

  CT - Image Reconstruction Monday - 8/1/2016
Imaging Scientific Session 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM Room: 207A

Moderator 1: Frederic Noo, University of Utah
Moderator 2: Xiangyang Tang, Emory University

1:45 PM
MO-DE-207A-1 : Impact of Statistical Weights On Detection of Low-Contrast Details in Model-Based Iterative CT Reconstruction
F. Noo*, Z. Guo
1:55 PM
MO-DE-207A-2 : A Feature-Preserving Image Reconstruction Method for Improved Pancreaticlesion Classification in Diagnostic CT Imaging
J. Xu*, B. Tsui, F. Noo
2:05 PM
MO-DE-207A-3 : Characterization of Potential Gains in a Novel Exponential 4DCT Reconstruction Algorithm
E. Morris*, P. Klahr, C. Glide-Hurst
2:15 PM
MO-DE-207A-4 : Development and Evaluation Of An Adaptive Deformation-Recovery and Intensity-Correction (ADRIC) CT Reconstruction Technique
Y. Zhang*, J. Ma, J. Wang
2:25 PM
MO-DE-207A-5 : Dictionary Learning Based Reconstruction with Low-Rank Constraint for Low-Dose Spectral CT
Q. Xu*, H. Liu, H. Yu, G. Wang, L. Xing
2:35 PM
MO-DE-207A-6 : ECG-Gated CT Reconstruction for a C-Arm Inverse Geometry X-Ray System
J. Slagowski*, D. Dunkerley, M. Speidel
2:45 PM
MO-DE-207A-7 : Filtered Iterative Reconstruction (FIR) Via Proximal Forward-Backward Splitting: A Synergy of Analytical and Iterative Reconstruction Method for CT
H. Gao*
2:55 PM
MO-DE-207A-8 : Four-Dimensional Cone-Beam CT Iterative Reconstruction with Time-Ordered Chain Graph Model for Non-Periodic Organ Motion and Deformation
M. Nakano*, A. Haga, J. Kotoku, T. Magome, Y. Masutani, S. Hanaoka, K. Nakagawa
3:05 PM
MO-DE-207A-9 : Low-Dose CT Image Reconstruction Via Learning From Different Patient Normal-Dose Images
H. Han*, L. Xing, Z. Liang
3:15 PM
MO-DE-207A-10 : One-Step CT Reconstruction for Metal Artifact Reduction by a Modification of Penalized Weighted Least-Squares (PWLS)
H. Kim*, J. Chen
3:25 PM
MO-DE-207A-11 : Sparse-View CT Reconstruction Via a Novel Non-Local Means Method
Z. Chen*, H. Qi, S. Wu, Y. Xu, L. Zhou
3:35 PM
MO-DE-207A-12 : Toward Patient-Specific 4DCT Reconstruction Using Adaptive Velocity Binning
E. Morris*, P. Klahr, C. Glide-Hurst