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Program Information

  Modeling and Outcomes Sunday - 7/31/2016
Therapy SNAP Oral 2:05 PM - 3:00 PM Room: 204

Moderator 1: Fang-Fang Yin, Duke University Medical Center
Moderator 2: Panayiotis Mavroidis, University of North Carolina

2:05 PM
SU-D-204-1 : A Methodology Based On Machine Learning and Quantum Clustering to Predict Lung SBRT Dosimetric Endpoints From Patient Specific Anatomic Features
K. Lafata*, L. Ren, Q. Wu, C. Kelsey, J. Hong, J. Cai, F. Yin
2:12 PM
SU-D-204-2 : BED Consistent Extrapolation of Mean Dose Tolerances
Z. Perko*, T. Bortfeld, T. Hong, J. Wolfgang, J. Unkelbach
2:19 PM
SU-D-204-3 : Comparison of Patient Positioning Methods Through Modeling of Acute Rectal Toxicity in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer. Does Quality of Data Matter More Than the Quantity?
X. Liu, M. Fatyga, M. Herman, S. Vora, W. Wong, S. Schild, M. Schild, J. Li, T. Wu, X. Liu*
2:26 PM
SU-D-204-4 : Correlations Between Dosimetric Indices and Follow-Up Data for Salivary Glands Six Months After Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer
B. Chera, A. Price*, M. Kostich, R. Amdur, W. Mendenhall, N. Sheets, R. Green, L. Marks, S. Das, P. Mavroidis
2:33 PM
SU-D-204-5 : Fitting Four NTCP Models to Treatment Outcome Data of Salivary Glands Recorded Six Months After Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Tumors
P. Mavroidis*, A. Price, M. Kostich, R. Amdur, W. Mendenhall, N. Sheets, R. Green, S. Das, L. Marks, B. Chera
2:40 PM
SU-D-204-6 : Integration of Machine Learning and Bioinformatics Methods to Analyze Genome-Wide Association Study Data for Rectal Bleeding and Erectile Dysfunction Following Radiotherapy in Prostate Cancer
J. Oh*, S. Kerns, H. Ostrer, B. Rosenstein, J. Deasy
2:47 PM
SU-D-204-7 : Retrospective Correlation of Dose Accuracy with Regions of Local Failure for Early Stage Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
S. Devpura*, H. Li, C. Liu, C. Fraser, M. Aljouni, B. Movsas, I. Chetty