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Program Information

  CT - QA/QC, Calibration and Imaging Protocol Sunday - 7/31/2016
Imaging SNAP Oral 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: 206

Moderator 1: Baojun Li, Boston University Medical Center
Moderator 2: John Rong, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

4:00 PM
SU-G-206-1 : A Fully Automated CT Tool to Facilitate Phantom Image QA for Quantitative Imaging in Clinical Trials
M. Wahi-Anwar*, P. Lo, H. Kim, M. Brown, M. McNitt-Gray
4:07 PM
SU-G-206-2 : Impact of Focal Spot Sizes On CT Image Quality
S. Bache*, J. Rong
4:14 PM
SU-G-206-3 : CTDI Per KV at Phantom Center and Periphery: Comparison Between Major CT Manufacturers
R. Al-Senan*, O. Demirkaya
4:21 PM
SU-G-206-4 : A Method for Realizing Phantom Calibration and Geometry Calibration Accurately Based On a Geometry Evaluation Index
S. Yang*, S. Wu, H. Qi, Y. Xu, L. Zhou
4:28 PM
SU-G-206-5 : A Comparison of Head Phantoms Used for Dose Determination in Imaging Procedures
Z. Xiong*, S. Vijayan, J. Kilian-Meneghin, S. Rudin, D. Bednarek
4:35 PM
SU-G-206-6 : Analytic Dose Function for CT Scans in Infinite Cylinders as a Function of Scan Length and Cylinder Radius
D. Bakalyar*, W. Feng, S. McKenney
4:42 PM
SU-G-206-7 : Dual-Energy CT Inter- and Intra-Scanner Variability Within One Make and Model
M. Jacobsen*, C. Wood, D. Cody
4:49 PM
SU-G-206-8 : How Should Focal Spot Be Chosen for Optimized CT Imaging with Dose Modulation?
S. Bache*, X. Liu, J. Rong
4:56 PM
SU-G-206-9 : Consistent Low Contrast Detectability and Optimal Dose for Different Patient Sizes in Abdominal CT
Y. Zhou*, J. Nute, A. Scott, C. Lee
5:03 PM
SU-G-206-10 : Low-Contrast Detectability Vs. Dose for CT Images Reconstructed Using Filtered Backprojection and Iterative Reconstruction: Assessment with a Model Observer
C. Favazza*, A. Ferrero, K. McMillan, M. Bruesewitz, L. Yu, S. Leng, J. Kofler, C. McCollough
5:10 PM
SU-G-206-11 : The Effect of Table Height On CTDIvol and SSDE in CT Scanning: A Phantom Study
R. Marsh*, M. Silosky
5:17 PM
SU-G-206-12 : The Correlation Between Table Height and Patient Size in CT: A Simple Way to Properly Position Patients
T. Szczykutowicz*, E. Janssen-Saldivar, D. Miller, A. Malkus
5:24 PM
SU-G-206-13 : Validating Dose Split: A Method to Image the Same Patient at Multiple Doses with a Single CT Acquisition
J. Solomon*, Y. Zhang, D. Marin, E. Samei
5:31 PM
SU-G-206-14 : Individual Dose Alert Thresholds for Abdominal CT Protocols Due to Statistical Independence of Dose Distributions
B. Stewart*
5:38 PM
SU-G-206-15 : Effects of Dose Reduction On Emphysema Score
P. Lo, S. Young*, J. Hoffman, M. Wahi-Anwar, H. Kim, M. McNitt-Gray
5:52 PM
SU-G-206-17 : RadShield: Semi-Automated Shielding Design for CT Using NCRP 147 and Isodose Curves
M. DeLorenzo*, I. Rutel, K. Yang, D. Wu