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Program Information

  X-Ray Imaging - Radiography/Fluoroscopy Tuesday - 8/2/2016
Imaging Scientific Session 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM Room: 209

Moderator 1: Charles Willis, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Ciprian Ionita, SUNY Buffalo

1:45 PM
TU-FG-209-1 : A Model of Noise Anisotropy in Amorphous Selenium Digital Detectors
R. Acciavatti*, A. Maidment
1:55 PM
TU-FG-209-2 : Effective Elimination of Aliased Signal Using An Apodized Aperture Pixel Design
A. Shankar*, M. Russ, S. Vijayan, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
2:05 PM
TU-FG-209-3 : Exploring the Maximum Count Rate Capabilities of Photon Counting Arrays Based On Polycrystalline Silicon
A. Liang*, M. Koniczek, L. Antonuk, Y. El-Mohri, Q. Zhao
2:15 PM
TU-FG-209-4 : Testing of Digital Image Receptors Using AAPM TG-150's Draft Recommendations - Investigating the Impact of Different Processing Parameters
C. Finley*, J. Dave
2:25 PM
TU-FG-209-5 : Demonstration of the Line Focus Principle Using the Generalized Measured-Relative Object Detectability (GM-ROD) Metric
M. Russ*, A. Shankar, A. Lau, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
2:35 PM
TU-FG-209-6 : Quantitative Evaluation of the Temporal Performance of Clinical Fluoroscopic Imaging Systems: The Temporal Modulation Transfer Function (TMTF)
T. Richards*, S. Mann, E. Samei
2:45 PM
TU-FG-209-7 : Medical Physics 1.0 Versus Medical Physics 2.0: A Case Study
D. Carver*, C. Willis, P. Stauduhar, T. Nishino, J. Wells, E. Samei
2:55 PM
TU-FG-209-8 : Distribution of the Deviation Index (DI) in Digital Radiography Practices Across the United States
A. Jones*, J. Dave, R. Fisher, K. Hulme, L. Rill, D. Zamora, A. Woodward, S. Brady, R. MacDougall, L. Goldman, S. Lang, D. Peck, B. Apgar, S. Shepard, R. Uzenoff, C. Willis
3:05 PM
TU-FG-209-9 : Mathematical Estimation and Experimental Measurement of Patient Free-In-Air Skin Entrance Exposure During a Panoramic Dental X-Ray Procedure
A. Errico*, R. Behrman, B. Li
3:15 PM
TU-FG-209-10 : Phantom Simulation Method to Evaluate the Clinical Utility of the High-Resolution Micro-Angiographic Fluoroscope Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MAF- CMOS) Detector
S. Setlur Nagesh*, M. Russ, C. Ionita, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
3:25 PM
TU-FG-209-11 : Validation of a Channelized Hotelling Observer to Optimize Chest Radiography Image Processing for Nodule Detection: A Human Observer Study
A. Sanchez*, K. Little, J. Chung, Z. Lu, H. MacMahon, I. Reiser
3:35 PM
TU-FG-209-12 : Treatment Site and View Recognition in X-Ray Images with Hierarchical Multiclass Recognition Models
X. Chang*, T. Mazur, D. Yang