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Program Information

  CT - Calibration, QA/QC, Protocol Management Tuesday - 8/2/2016
Imaging Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: 207A

Moderator 1: Sabee Molloi, University of California
Moderator 2: Da Zhang, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

4:30 PM
TU-H-207A-1 : Development of Conversion Factors to Account for Different CTDI Phantom Setups On a Wide-Beam CT Scanner
D. Zamora, J. Moirano, K. Kanal*
4:40 PM
TU-H-207A-2 : Relative Importance of the Various Factors Influencing the Accuracy of Monte Carlo Simulated CT Dose Index
L. Marous*, A. Morgan, F. Dong, J. Muryn, C. Liptak, A. Primak, X. Li
4:50 PM
TU-H-207A-3 : CT Hounsfield Unit Accuracy: Effect of Beam Hardening On Phantom and Clinical Whole-Body CT Images
H. Ai*, R. Wendt
5:00 PM
TU-H-207A-4 : How Patient Positioning in CT Affects More Than the AEC: Image Noise Uniformity and CT Number Changes as a Function of Positioning
T. Szczykutowicz*, A. Duplissis, D. Miller
5:10 PM
TU-H-207A-5 : Automated Early Identification of An Excessive Air-In-Oil X-Ray Tube Artifact That Mimics Acute Cerebral Infarct
J. Winslow*, Y. Zhang, E. Samei
5:20 PM
TU-H-207A-6 : The Effects of Various CT Tube Current Modulation (TCM) Schemes On Dose. Do You Really Know What Your TCM Scheme Is Doing?
K. Singhrao*, M. Bostani, A. Hardy, C. Cagnon, M. McNitt-Gray
5:30 PM
TU-H-207A-7 : Comparison of Performance of Tube-Current Modulation of Three Commercial MDCT Scanners
T. Ohno*, F. Araki
5:40 PM
TU-H-207A-8 : Estimating Radiation Dose From Low-Dose Lung Cancer Screening CT Exams Using Tube Current Modulation
A. Hardy*, M. Bostani, K. McMillan, M. Zankl, C. Cagnon, M. McNitt-Gray
5:50 PM
TU-H-207A-9 : An Automated Technique for Estimating Patient-Specific Regional Imparted Energy and Dose From TCM CT Exams Across 13 Protocols
J. Sanders*, X. Tian, P. Segars, J. Boone, E. Samei