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Program Information

  Functional Imaging for Radiotherapy Wednesday - 8/3/2016
Joint Imaging - Therapy Scientific Session 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Room: 202

Moderator 1: John Bayouth, University of Wisconsin
Moderator 2: Tokihiro Yamamoto, University of California Davis Medical Center

7:30 AM
WE-AB-202-1 : Evaluating the Toxicity Reduction with CT-Ventilation Functional Avoidance Radiation Therapy
Y. Vinogradskiy*, Y. Miyasaka, N. Kadoya, R. Castillo, E. Castillo, T. Guerrero, T. Yamamoto
7:40 AM
WE-AB-202-2 : Incorporating Regional Ventilation Function in Predicting Radiation Fibrosis After Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Lung Cancer
F. Lan*, J. Jeudy, S. Senan, J. van Sornsen de Koste, H. Tseng, J. Zhou, W. D'Souza, H. Zhang
7:50 AM
WE-AB-202-3 : Quantifying Ventilation Change Due to Radiation Therapy Using 4DCT Jacobian Calculations
T. Patton*, K. Du, G. Christensen, J. Reinhardt, J. Bayouth
8:00 AM
WE-AB-202-4 : Statistical Evaluation of Lung Function Using 4DCT Ventilation Imaging: Proton Therapy VS IMRT
Q. Huang*, M. Zhang, T. Chen, N. Yue, J. Zou
8:10 AM
WE-AB-202-5 : Validation of Lung Stress Maps for CT-Ventilation Imaging
G. Cazoulat*, J. Kipritidis, S. Siva, M. Hofman, S. Jolly, M. Matuszak, J. Balter, P. Keall, K. Brock
8:20 AM
WE-AB-202-6 : Correlating Lung CT HU with Transformation-Based and Xe-CT Derived Ventilation
K. Du*, T. Patton, J. Reinhardt, G. Christensen, J. Bayouth
8:30 AM
WE-AB-202-7 : Ventilation CT: Voxel-Level Comparison with Hyperpolarized Helium-3 & Xenon-129 MRI
B. Tahir*, H. Marshall, P. Hughes, N. Stewart, F. Horn, G. Collier, G. Norquay, K. Hart, J. Swinscoe, M. Hatton, J. Wild, R. Ireland
8:40 AM
WE-AB-202-8 : Feasibility of Single-Inhalation/Single-Energy Xenon CT for High-Resolution Imaging of Regional Lung Ventilation in Humans
D. Pinkham*, M. Negahdar, E. Schueler, T. Yamamoto, M. Diehn, E. Mittra, B. Loo, P. Maxim
8:50 AM
WE-AB-202-9 : Feasibility and Quantitative Analysis of 4DCT-Based High Precision Lung Elastography
K. Hasse*, J. Neylon, D. Low, A. Santhanam
9:00 AM
WE-AB-202-10 : Modelling Individual Tumor-Specific Control Probability for Hypoxia in Rectal Cancer
S. Warren*, D. Warren, J. Wilson, R. Muirhead, M. Hawkins, T. Maughan, M. Partridge
9:10 AM
WE-AB-202-11 : Radiobiological Modeling of Tumor Response During Radiotherapy Based On Pre-Treatment Dynamic PET Imaging Data
M. Crispin-Ortuzar*, M. Grkovski, B. Beattie, N. Lee, N. Riaz, J. Humm, J. Jeong, A. Fontanella, J. Deasy
9:20 AM
WE-AB-202-12 : Voxel-Wise Analysis of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient and Perfusion Maps in Multi-Parametric MRI of Prostate Cancer
K. Engstrom, O. Casares-Magaz, J. Rorvik, E. Andersen, L. Muren*