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Program Information

  In-Room IGRT Devices and Systems Wednesday - 8/3/2016
Joint Imaging - Therapy Scientific Session 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM Room: Ballroom A

Moderator 1: Lei Ren, Duke University Medical Center
Moderator 2: Michalis Aristophanous, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

10:15 AM
WE-DE-BRA-1 : SCIENCE COUNCIL JUNIOR INVESTIGATOR COMPETITION WINNER: Acceleration of a Limited-Angle Intrafraction Verification (LIVE) System Using Adaptive Prior Knowledge Based Image Estimation
Y. Zhang*, F. Yin, Y. Zhang, L. Ren
10:35 AM
WE-DE-BRA-2 : BEST IN PHYSICS (JOINT IMAGING-THERAPY): Prototype for An In-Room Supercompounded 3D Volumetric Ultrasound Image Guidance System for Prone Breast SBRT
T. Chiu*, Y. Zhang, B. Hrycushko, B. Zhao, R. Chopra, S. Jiang, X. Gu
10:45 AM
WE-DE-BRA-3 : Construction of An Ultrasound Guidance Platform for Image-Guided Radiotherapy with the Intent to Treat Transitional Cell Carcinoma
J. Sick*, N. Rancilio, C. Fulkerson, P. LaPetina, J. Poulson, D. Knapp, K. Stantz
10:55 AM
WE-DE-BRA-4 : A Cost-Effective Pixelated EPID Scintillator for Enhanced Contrast and DQE
J. Rottmann*, M. Myronakis, Y. Hu, D. Shedlock, A. Wang, D. Humber, D. Morf, R. Fueglistaller, J. Star-Lack, R. Berbeco
11:05 AM
WE-DE-BRA-5 : Monte Carlo Simulation of a Novel Multi-Layer MV Imager
M. Myronakis*, J. Rottmann, Y. Hu, A. Wang, D. Shedlock, D. Morf, J. Star-Lack, R. Berbeco
11:15 AM
WE-DE-BRA-6 : Evaluation of the Imaging Performance of a Novel Water-Equivalent EPID
S. Blake*, J. Cheng, P. Vial, M. Lu, S. Atakaramians, S. Meikle, Z. Kuncic
11:25 AM
WE-DE-BRA-7 : Megavoltage Spectral Imaging with a Layered Detector
M. Myronakis*, J. Rottmann, Y. Hu, A. Wang, D. Shedlock, D. Morf, J. Star-Lack, R. Berbeco
11:35 AM
WE-DE-BRA-8 : A Linear Accelerator Target Allowing Rapid Switching Between Treatment and High-Contrast Imaging Modes
M. Yewondwossen*, J. Robar, D. Parsons
11:45 AM
WE-DE-BRA-9 : Development of a Novel Scanning Beam Low-Energy Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (SBIORT) System for Pancreatic Cancer
B. Wears*, I. Mohiuddin, R. Flynn, T. Waldron, Y. Kim, B. Allen, J. Xia
11:55 AM
WE-DE-BRA-10 : Fast Megavoltage CT Imaging with Rapid Scan Time and Low Imaging Dose in Helical Tomotherapy
T. Magome*, A. Haga, Y. Takahashi, K. Nakagawa, K. Dusenbery, S. Hui
12:05 PM
WE-DE-BRA-11 : A Study of Motion Tracking Accuracy of Robotic Radiosurgery Using a Novel CCD Camera Based End-To-End Test System
L. Wang*, B. Nelson, Y. Yang