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Program Information

  Next Generation Dosimetry Thursday - 8/4/2016
Therapy Scientific Session 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 201

Moderator 1: E. Ishmael Parsai, University of Toledo Medical Center
Moderator 2: Harold Li, Washington University School of Medicine

10:00 AM
TH-CD-201-1 : BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY): Assessment of Thin-Film CdTe as An Effective Detector for Microdosimety at Gold-Tissue Interface
N. Paudel*, D. Shvydka, E. Parsai
10:10 AM
TH-CD-201-2 : A Monte Carlo Investigation of a Novel Detector Arrangement for the Energy Spectrum Measurement of a 6MV Linear Accelerator
S. Taneja*, L. Bartol, W. Culberson, L. DeWerd
10:20 AM
TH-CD-201-3 : A Real-Time Method to Simultaneously Measure Linear Energy Transfer and Dose for Proton Therapy Using Organic Scintillators
F. Alsanea*, F. Therriault-Proulx, G. Sawakuchi, S. Beddar
10:30 AM
TH-CD-201-4 : A Study of Cherenkov Light Generated and Collected in Plastic Scintillation Detector
L. Archambault*, P. Papaconstadopoulos, J. Seuntjens, H. Bouchard
10:40 AM
TH-CD-201-5 : Characterization of a Novel Light-Collimating Tank Optical-CT System for 3D Dosimetry
D. Miles*, S. Yoon, J. Adamovics, M. Oldham
10:50 AM
TH-CD-201-6 : Experimental Characterization of Acoustic Signals Generated in Water Following Clinical Photon and Electron Beam Irradiation
S. Hickling*, I. El Naqa
11:00 AM
TH-CD-201-7 : Experimentally Investigating Proton Energy Deposition On the Microscopic Scale Using Fluorescence Nuclear Track Detectors
T. Underwood*, C. McFadden, D. Trenholm, J. Verburg, H. Paganetti, G. Sawakuchi, J. Schuemann
11:10 AM
TH-CD-201-8 : Flexible Dosimeter Bands for Whole-Body Dosimetry
T. Kim*, B. Fahimian, G. Pratx
11:20 AM
TH-CD-201-9 : High Spatial Resolution Absorbed Dose to Water Measurements Using Optical Calorimetry in Megavoltage External Beam Therapy
E. Flores-Martinez*, J. Radtke, L. DeWerd
11:30 AM
TH-CD-201-10 : Highly Efficient Synchronized High-Speed Scintillation Camera System for Measuring Proton Range, SOBP and Dose Distributions in a 2D-Plane
S. Goddu*, B. Sun, K. Grantham, T. Zhao, T. Zhang, J. Bradley, S. Mutic
11:40 AM
TH-CD-201-11 : Optimizing the Response and Cost of a DNA Double-Strand Break Dosimeter
M. Obeidat*, K. Cline, S. Stathakis, N. Papanikolaou, K. Rasmussen, A. Gutierrez, C. Ha, S. Lee, E. Shim, N. Kirby
11:50 AM
TH-CD-201-12 : Preliminary Evaluation of Organic Field Effect Transistors as Radiation Detectors
A. Syme*, H. Lin, J. Rubio-Sanchez, D. Perepichka