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Program Information

  MRgRT Thursday - 8/4/2016
Therapy Scientific Session 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Room: Ballroom A

Moderator 1: Olga Green, Washington University School of Medicine
Moderator 2: Brian M Keller, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center

7:30 AM
TH-AB-BRA-1 : A Novel Doubly-Focused Multileaf Collimator Design for MR-Guided Radiation Therapy
H. Li*, S. Mutic, D. Low, O. Green, G. Fought, I. Kawrakow, A. Sharma, S. Shvartsman, J. Dempsey
7:40 AM
TH-AB-BRA-2 : Automated Triplet Beam Orientation Optimization for MRI-Guided Co-60 Radiotherapy
D. Nguyen*, D. Thomas, M. Cao, D. O'Connor, J. Lamb, K. Sheng
7:50 AM
TH-AB-BRA-3 : Backscatter Dose Factors Re-Evaluated for Inhomogeneities in the Presence of a 1.5 T Magnetic Field Using the GPUMCD Monte Carlo Algorithm
S. Ahmad*, A. Sarfehnia, A. Sahgal, B. Keller
8:00 AM
TH-AB-BRA-4 : Dosimetric Evaluation of MR-Guided HDR Brachytherapy Planning for Cervical Cancer
Y. Kamio*
8:10 AM
TH-AB-BRA-5 : Lung Cannot Be Treated as Homogeneous in Radiation Transport Simulations in Magnetic Fields
V. Malkov*, D. Rogers, D. Jaffray
8:20 AM
TH-AB-BRA-6 : MOSFET-Based Dosimetry in An MR Image-Guided Radiation Therapy System: Comparison with and Without a Static 0.3T Magnetic Field
J. Cammin*, A. Curcuru, H. Li, S. Mutic, O. Green
8:30 AM
TH-AB-BRA-7 : PENELOPE-Based GPU-Accelerated Dose Calculation System Applied to MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy
Y. Wang*, T. Mazur, O. Green, Y. Hu, H. Li, V. Rodriguez, H. Wooten, D. Yang, T. Zhao, S. Mutic, H. Li
8:40 AM
TH-AB-BRA-8 : Simulated Tumor Tracking in An MRI Linac for Lung Tumor Lesions Using the Monaco Treatment Planning System
S. Al-Ward*, A. Kim, C. McCann, M. Ruschin, P. Cheung, A. Sahgal, B. Keller
8:50 AM
TH-AB-BRA-9 : Stability Analysis of a Novel Dose Calculation Algorithm for MRI Guided Radiotherapy
O. Zelyak*, B. Fallone, J. St. Aubin
9:00 AM
TH-AB-BRA-10 : The Physics of Interface Effects for Radiation Treatments in a MRI-Linac: A Monte Carlo Study
S. Ahmad*, A. Sarfehnia, A. Kim, M. Wronski, A. Sahgal, B. Keller
9:10 AM
TH-AB-BRA-11 : Using 3D Dosimeters for the Investigation of the Electron Return Effect (ERE) in MR-Guided Radiation Therapy: A Feasibility Study
G. Choi*, H. Lee, M. Alqathami, G. Ibbott
9:20 AM
TH-AB-BRA-12 : Experimental Results From the First High-Field Inline MRI-Linac
P. Keall*, B. Dong, P. Vial, A. Walker, K. Zhang, J. Begg, R. Rai, L. Holloway, M. Barton, C. Stuart, G. Liney