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Program Information

  CT - Dose Thursday - 8/4/2016
Imaging Scientific Session 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Room: 207A

Moderator 1: Michael McNitt-Gray, UCLA School of Medicine
Moderator 2: Nicholas Bevins, Henry Ford Health System

7:30 AM
TH-AB-207A-1 : Contrast-Enhanced CT: Correlation of Radiation Dose and Biological Effect
E. Abadi*, J. Sanders, G. Agasthya, P. Segars, E. Samei
7:40 AM
TH-AB-207A-2 : Do Low-KVp CT Scans Increase the Dose Received by Superficial Organs?
X. Li*, F. Dong, A. Primak, P. Segars, B. Herts
7:50 AM
TH-AB-207A-3 : Skin Dose to Patients Receiving Multiple CTA and CT Exams of the Head
R. Nawfel*, G. Young
8:00 AM
TH-AB-207A-4 : Assessment of Patients' Cumulative Effective Dose From CT Examinations
M. Bostani*, C. Cagnon, A. Sepahdari, K. Beckett, T. Oshiro, M. McNitt-Gray
8:10 AM
TH-AB-207A-5 : A Fully-Automated Pipeline for Generating CT Images Across a Range of Doses and Reconstruction Methods
S. Young*, P. Lo, J. Hoffman, M. Wahi-Anwar, F. Noo, M. Brown, M. McNitt-Gray
8:20 AM
TH-AB-207A-6 : The Use of Realistic Phantoms to Predict CT Dose to Pediatric Patients
D. Carver*, S. Kost, P. Segars, N. Fraser, D. Pickens, R. Price, M. Stabin
8:30 AM
TH-AB-207A-7 : Radiation Dose Simulation for a Newly Proposed Dynamic Bowtie Filters for CT Using Fast Monte Carlo Methods
T. Liu*, H. Lin, Y. Gao, P. Caracappa, G. Wang, W. Cong, X. Xu
8:40 AM
TH-AB-207A-8 : Variation of Size-Specific Dose Estimates Across Patient Sizes Under the Conditions of Automatic Exposure Control
K. McMillan*, A. Huang, S. Leng, C. McCollough
8:50 AM
TH-AB-207A-9 : Tailoring TCM Schemes to a Task: Evaluating the Impact of Customized TCM Profiles On Detection of Lung Nodules in Simulated CT Lung Cancer Screening
J. Hoffman*, F. Noo, S. Young, M. McNitt-Gray
9:00 AM
TH-AB-207A-10 : Sub-MSv Cerebral CT Perfusion Imaging Using Prior Image Constrained Compressed Sensing: A Prospective Clinical Trial
K. Li*, P. Yang, M. Cathey, J. Tang, H. Rowley, P. Turski, V. Prabhakaran, C. Strother, G. Chen
9:10 AM
TH-AB-207A-11 : Anatomical and Functional Assessment of Coronary Artery Disease Using Low-Dose Whole-Organ Dynamic Computed Tomography
L. Hubbard*, B. Ziemer, J. Lipinski, S. Malkasian, B. Sadeghi, H. Javan, B. Dertli, E. Groves, S. Molloi
9:20 AM
TH-AB-207A-12 : CT Lung Cancer Screening and the Effects of Further Dose Reduction On CAD Performance
S. Young*, P. Lo, J. Hoffman, H. Kim, W. Hsu, C. Flores, G. Lee, M. Brown, M. McNitt-Gray