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Program Information

  MRgRT Dosimetry Thursday - 8/4/2016
Therapy Scientific Session 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: Ballroom A

Moderator 1: Geoffrey Ibbott, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Bas Willem Raaymakers, University Medical Center Utrecht

10:00 AM
TH-CD-BRA-1 : BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY): Magnetic-Field-Induced Dose Effects in a Mouse Lung Phantom: Monte Carlo and Experimental Assessments
A. Rubinstein*, R. Tailor, A. Melancon, J. Pollard, M. Guindani, D. Followill, J. Hazle, L. Court
10:10 AM
TH-CD-BRA-2 : 3D Remote Dosimetry for MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy: A Hybrid Approach
L. Rankine*, S. Mein, J. Adamovics, B. Cai, A. Curcuru, T. Juang, D. Miles, S. Mutic, Y. Wang, M. Oldham, H. Li
10:20 AM
TH-CD-BRA-3 : Direct Measurement of Magnetic Field Correction Factors, KQB, for Application in Future Codes of Practice for Reference Dosimetry
J. Wolthaus*, B. van Asselen, S. Woodings, T. Soest, J. Kok, L. De Prez, B. Jansen, J. Pooter, B. Raaymakers
10:30 AM
TH-CD-BRA-4 : Effect of a Strong Magnetic Field On TLDs, OSLDs, and Gafchromic Films Using An Electromagnet
J. Wang*, A. Rubinstein, J. Ohrt, G. Ibbott, Z. Wen
10:40 AM
TH-CD-BRA-5 : First Water Calorimetric Dw Measurement and Direct Measurement of Magnetic Field Correction Factors, KQ,B, in a 1.5 T B-Field of An MRI Linac
L. De Prez*, J. Pooter, B. Jansen, J. Wolthaus, B. van Asselen, S. Woodings, T. Soest, J. Kok, B. Raaymakers
10:50 AM
TH-CD-BRA-6 : Magnetic Field Effects On Gafchromic-Film Response in MR-IGRT
F. Reynoso*, A. Curcuru, O. Green, S. Mutic, I. Das, L. Santanam
11:00 AM
TH-CD-BRA-7 : MRI-Linac Dosimetry: Parameters That Change in a Magnetic Field
D. O'Brien*, G. Sawakuchi
11:10 AM
TH-CD-BRA-8 : Novel Iron-Based Radiation Reporting Systems as 4D Dosimeters for MR-Guided Radiation Therapy
H. Lee*, M. Alqathami, M. Kadbi, J. Wang, A. Blencowe, G. Ibbott
11:20 AM
TH-CD-BRA-9 : Towards Absolute Dose Measurement in MRI-Linac and GammaKnife: Design and Construction of An MR-Compatible Water Calorimeter
N. Entezari*, J. Renaud, G. Peterson, A. Sarfehnia
11:30 AM
TH-CD-BRA-10 : Towards Reference Dosimetry of MR-Linacs Using a Clinical Probe-Format Calorimeter
J. Renaud*, A. Sarfehnia, S. Woodings, J. Kok, B. van Asselen, J. Wolthaus, B. Raaymakers, J. Seuntjens
11:40 AM
TH-CD-BRA-11 : Implementation and Evaluation of a New 3D Dosimetry Protocol for Validating MRI Guided Radiation Therapy Treatments
S. Mein*, L. Rankine, J. Adamovics, H. Li, M. Oldham
11:50 AM
TH-CD-BRA-12 : Impact of a Magnetic Field On the Response From a Plastic Scintillation Detector
F. Therriault-Proulx*, Z. Wen, G. Ibbott, S. Beddar