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Program Information

  Breast X-ray Imaging Wednesday - 8/3/2016
Imaging Scientific Session 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM Room: 207B

Moderator 1: Wei Zhao, Stony Brook Medicine
Moderator 2: Bob Liu, Massachusetts General Hospital

10:15 AM
WE-DE-207B-1 : Optimization for Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammography Based On Photon-Counting Detectors
H. Ding*, S. Molloi
10:25 AM
WE-DE-207B-2 : Detection of Masses On Mammograms Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network: A Feasibility Study
S. Suzuki*, X. Zhang, N. Homma, K. Ichiji, Y. Kawasumi, T. Ishibashi, M. Yoshizawa
10:35 AM
WE-DE-207B-3 : Influence of Local Anatomical Variations On Detection of Multifocal and Multicentric Breast Cancer
G. Wen*, M. Markey, S. Park
10:45 AM
WE-DE-207B-4 : Quantitative Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammography Based On Photon-Counting Detectors: A Feasibility Study
H. Ding*, B. Zhou, D. Beidokhti, S. Molloi
10:55 AM
WE-DE-207B-5 : Measuring Spatial Resolution in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Update of AAPM Task Group 245
D. Scaduto*, M. Goodsitt, H. Chan, H. Olafsdottir, M. Das, E. Fredenberg, W. Geiser, D. Goodenough, P. Heid, Y. Hu, B. Liu, J. Mainprize, I. Reiser, R. Van Engen, V. Varchena, S. Vecchio, S. Glick, W. Zhao
11:05 AM
WE-DE-207B-6 : Artifact Reduction in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis with the Denoised Ordered-Subset Statistically Penalized Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (DOS-SPART) Algorithm
J. Garrett*, Y. Li, K. Li, G. Chen
11:15 AM
WE-DE-207B-7 : Hotelling Templates Without Additional Training Data for Breast Tomosynthesis Observer Models
R. Zeng*, A. Badano
11:25 AM
WE-DE-207B-8 : Towards Standardization of X-Ray Filters in Digital Mammography-Enabled Breast Tomosynthesis Systems
S. Shrestha*, S. Vedantham, A. Karellas
11:35 AM
WE-DE-207B-9 : Scatter Radiation Measurement From a Digital Breast Tomosynthesis System and Its Impact On Shielding Consideration
K. Yang*, X. Li, B. Liu
11:45 AM
WE-DE-207B-10 : Library-Based X-Ray Scatter Correction for Dedicated Cone-Beam Breast CT: Clinical Validation
L. Shi*, S. Vedantham, A. Karellas, L. Zhu
11:55 AM
WE-DE-207B-11 : Implementation of Size-Specific 3D Beam Modulation Filters On a Dedicated Breast CT Platform Using Breast Immobilization
A. Hernandez*, J. Boone
12:05 PM
WE-DE-207B-12 : Scatter Correction for Dedicated Cone Beam Breast CT Based On a Forward Projection Model
L. Shi*, S. Vedantham, A. Karellas, L. Zhu