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Students and Trainees Subcommittee (STSC)

Who we are and what we do

Who are we?

The STSC is a group of medical physics graduate students and trainees (residents and post-docs) dedicated to improving the education and professional development of our peers.

The mission of STSC

STSC encourages communication and collaboration among current and prospective medical physics trainees and students. As a group of young medical physicists, our goal is to disseminate information to and amplify the voice of current students and trainees beginning their careers in medical physics. We want to encourage student and trainee involvement in AAPM to ensure a successful future for our profession.

What does STSC do?

STSC encourages communication between students and trainees in medical physics by sponsoring national events such as:

STSC supports current and prospective students and trainees by:

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Contact us

Non-members, questions to STSC can be directed through the form below.

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