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43rd Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
July 22-26, 2001 Salt Lake City, Utah

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Jackson, A TU-D-BRB-4 , WE-D-BRB-1
Jackson, E SU-II-EXH C-21 , MO-B-250D-1 , WE-C-250A-2
Jackson, J TH-C-150A-6
Jacobs, H SU-EE-EXH C-2
Jaffray, D SU-II-EXH C-42 , TU-D-BRA-9 , WE-CC-EXH C-37 , WE-D-250A-2
Jang, S SU-FF-EXH C-26 , SU-II-EXH C-32 , SU-II-EXH C-31 , TU-E-250D-8
Jani, A MO-E-150A-9
Jani, S WE-A-150A-1
Jayasakara, P WE-D-BRA-7
Jayasekera, P SU-II-EXH C-14
Jaywant, S TU-D-150A-1 , TH-C-150A-5
Je, J SU-EE-EXH C-7 , SU-EE-EXH C-1 , TU-C-250A-3
Jee, K WE-D-250A-1 , WE-D-150A-7
Jenkins, T WE-E-BRA-2
Jennings, R TU-C-250A-5
Jeong, H SU-EE-EXH C-7 , SU-EE-EXH C-21 , SU-EE-EXH C-1 , TU-C-250A-3
Jeraj, R SU-DD-EXH C-12 , SU-GG-EXH C-11 , SU-II-EXH C-19 , MO-D-BRB-3 , TU-C-BRA-4 , TU-D-BRA-7 , WE-D-BRA-1 , WE-D-150A-4 , TH-C-BRB-11
Jiang, S SU-GG-EXH C-18 , SU-GG-EXH C-7 , SU-GG-EXH C-31 , MO-D-150A-7 , TU-C-BRA-5 , TU-C-BRA-12 , WE-C-150A-1 , WE-C-BRB-9 , WE-E-150A-4
Jiang , Y TU-D-251A-1
Jin, Z TU-C-150A-11
Jirasek, A SU-II-EXH C-45
John Schreiner, L WE-CC-EXH C-31
Johnson, G TH-C-250D-4
Johnson, K TH-C-250D-7
Johnson, L MO-D-150A-2 , WE-C-BRB-2
Johnson, R TU-C-251A-5
Johnston, D SU-HH-EXH C-14
Jokisch, D WE-D-250D-5
Jolly, J SU-AA-BRA-2 , MO-D-150A-8 , TU-E-BRA-1
Jones, A TU-C-BRA-10
Jong, D SU-FF-EXH C-29
Joo, K WE-D-BRA-11
Joshi, C WE-CC-EXH C-31
Ju, S TU-C-150A-10
Judy, P MO-D-250A-1 , WE-C-250D-1 , TH-C-250D-5
Jung, H SU-EE-EXH C-21 , SU-EE-EXH C-1 , SU-EE-EXH C-7 , TU-C-250A-3
Jursinic, P TU-E-BRB-7 , TU-E-BRA-9 , WE-C-150A-5 , WE-E-BRA-6